Stuff stolen from hacker

so in the pic it shows that i was visited 2 times by the same person at my base, he somehow entered the base and took some stuff out of 2 benches 2 different days and havent destroyed any of the building materials.

this is just one of the snip-its from my buddies clan got it alot worse, no building damage, thralls killed in building during raiding hours, materials stolen from benches but bench thralls still on the benches.

is there anyone that could help out? i hate to put the server number on here being a pvp server. but how much can the clans take from this kind of an attack? the only way to attack this kind of person is to use wall hacks and wander the exiles lands and find someone that possibly has no base. just some wanderer messing everyone up.

i can provide as much details as i can, our discord has the most info reguarding this person and what he has done. please devs, your our only hope to banish this evil from the server.

Every time I read one of these posts I always hope it’s my name in the logs and I end up leaving disappointed :frowning:

The reason why they are breaking into your base is because it’s not completely sealed off. You either have the benches too close to the walls where they can access it from the outside, there’s an open ceiling somewhere or you have some sort of window.

I raided an entire base last night without breaking 1 single block. All I did was build block onto a huge nearby tree and I used an ice bridge to land on their roof where they didn’t add a door at the top. I literally walked into their base and took every single thing from all of their chests, bodies and benches. Those people didn’t lock any of their chests and hopefully learned a lesson in the process.

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Agreed, those are some odd choices of items to steal if you can hack into a base. Mostly food and wheel of pain items. Looks like your preservation box and wheel of pain are too close to the walls.

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That’s why I have my own dedicated server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No one will rob me of my trash here - or I’ll spawn a pack of Storm Siege creatures near his/her base :laughing:

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