Hackers ruining official servers 1963 OCE

1963 is currently under a massive threat from hackers, they speedhack, manipulate attributes points, Loot from locked vaults and DDOS when any of their bases are under threat! They even have things outside of the Green walls. We need an admin To come to the server ASAP, Please for the love of god come and sort it out. Reporting takes months by then everybody is demoralised and doesn’t play. WE NEED ACTUAL PHYSICAL HELP ADMINS!!!

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Ill put my hand up to moderate the game servers for free! ill sign whatever legal documents they want me to!. @Ignasi @Hugo WE NEED PHYSICAL REAL HELP!

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Submit a ticket to ZenDesk, they are in charge of dealing with server issues and infractions:


As there are no GMs, I doubt that you will get an immediate answer on your report. Depending on the evidence provided, the issue will be dealt with one way or another.


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