Hail to you Exiles

There’s alot to gripe, rant, and rave about in this game… But what keeps it fun for you? What keeps you coming back? Besides keeping your base from decaying, that is.

The PvP of course.

The amazing graphics. Standng outside at night in the frozen north as the starlight reflects off of the snow always transfixed me.


I come back because there are so many ways to play the game. There are times I want to craft and build or just run around the map. Then there are times I want to fight and hunt.

I was bummed at the Follower reset several months ago and stopped playing but I just started a new game and reminded why it is such a fun game.

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Because I love this game. Graphics, building, challenges and dlc’s (minus siptah). It’s a female barbarian sandbox game come true for last 3 yrs. I just wish it wasn’t broken so often.

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the building, the people on the server i played with , ( you know who you are:), the scenery, and emberlight:)

Come for the barbarians, stay for the ominous sky tentacles that shoot slave lightning


Endless hours of breaking rocks and playing pick up sticks!

I have many reasons:

  • Because Conan is my favorite IP in games.
  • It’s Sword and Sorcery, my favorite kind of fantasy :^)
  • The building system is awesome and awakes my imagination.
  • Because the enviroments are beautiful.
  • I actually enjoy the combat in this game.
  • The Roleplay capability of this game is huge.
  • Sometimes is very relaxing to just gather rocks and wood

Even with it’s problems, i believe funcom made a really good game that i enjoy a lot. The communication from their part is very honest and straight forward and the game keeps evolving, and changeing, improving in many ways, i like that.

i wish my friends played with me but they are not fans of survival or building games, so i play alone :^)

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The atmosphere.

You feel very differently in the desert at night watching the campfires light up, seeing the glowing eyes of the creatures and the background music that makes you feel bot chill and afraid of the creatures at the same time. In the jungle, in the bowels of the volcano.

The scenes and the music connected to them synergizes very well to me. Not to mention the nordheimer region… Maaaan.

Well seeing as I run my own server, every day is a treat for me. I’m also proud to boast that everything in my exiled lands is 100% farmed and built, no admining or cheating for it.

Even my castle-in-progress that’s had several reconstructions because my son decided to test how friggin catapults worked awhile back without thinking about what he was doing.

Also, I still haven’t explored everything in the OG map lol.

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So true; my first solo playthrough was over 800 hours and I still didn’t get everything done :grin:

the communitty is at vast majority great (PVE perspective)

Endless opportunities for creative building.

Crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and… well, the women are trying to kill me as much as the men, so not much lamenting here.

Rhinos and other severely overweight wildlife defying gravity upon dying.

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