Halloween Updates?

Last year it started on 19th october, so most likely it will be around that time as well this year.

‘Update’ , isn`t it the same quest line for like 7 years ? :smiley:


:jack_o_lantern: Halloween Event 2020 :jack_o_lantern:

A favorite holiday; the american version, anyway

Should start or renew subscriptions the day the event begins,
to support something ‘special’… coming soon


After the first hollowness in exiles, there has not been another.

Something special? Do tell…:smiley:

When event will start???

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@AndyB Halloween? Starting when?

It should have started october 1st and ran through the month. the GMS can’t even be arsed to flick the holiday switch anymore.


I’m honestly surprised they can be arsed to keep the servers on for our game still.

Halloween Seasonal quests will run starting tomorrow (October 21) through November 5.


Just the quest Andy, no other goodies, like double shards and daily login reward? :frowning:

I want shards. Please more shards.

Every morning I wake up and thank Andy for the blessing of shards I receive every week from raid finder. I hate raid finder and want it removed but I love shards. The only thing that keeps me going every day is the thought of 150 juicy Atlantean shards during the Halloween event raidfinders. “Andy would never betray me” I remind myself. Andy is always generous with me. I wrap myself in my Craig M blanket. The thought of new PVE content warms my bosom. “T7 is just around the corner”. I smile to myself, thinking about how those RF noobs will never get the legendary T7 gear with +50% crit rating and 4000 spell penetration on the full set. “It’s just a dps set, you actually lose 1% survivability if you use it in PvP” I remind myself.

I return to my desk to continue farming raid finder to get my chance at 12 shards. Every boss is a new opportunity to grow my shard hoard. I must be diligent, Craig would want this. After 12 wipes, the boys manage to down Hathor Ka. I open my box. Craig damn it, it’s only 12 silver. How useless. I spend 3 hours on a boss and this is all I get?

I hear a divine voice. “Fret not my son”. I am shaking in excitement. Could it be him? Could it be Andy? Has he come to deliver me my due reward? I close my eyes and open my mouth. It’s time, daddy. Give me what I deserve. Fill me with shards. I am ready. “Here it comes” a deep manly voice whispers into my ear. I have never been so excited. I am salivating. The shards are coming, I know it.

I taste something sour. These aren’t shards at all. This tastes different, gross. Andy would never do this to me. What is going on? Where are my shards, my glorious PvE content? Where are my 2000 armor rings and 500 protection T7 necklace? I open my eyes. It’s not Andy at all. It’s Giovaanni. My mouth is filled with PvP content, and I am helpless to remove it from my orifice. Tears fill my eyes. I feel betrayed and ashamed. I refuse to accept this as new content and spit it out. I wipe the tears from my face. “Why are you doing this to me, help me please” I beg.

I feel a blast of wind blow through my window. I desperately close my eyes. “Let me take care of this for you” I hear as a presence caresses my body. I hear a shriek as giovaanni is removed from the realm. I open my eyes. It’s Famine. “Justice is served once again. You’re safe now, my PvE prince. Don’t worry about those nasty toxic PvPers. And I brought company.” I look to the window. Andy is sitting waiting for me. And he has a sack of shards ready for me. And what’s that? T7 and dungeon finder as well? My cup runneth over. My tears of fright are replaced with tears of delight. They call this Halloween, I call it Christmas. Before drifting off to sleep on this glorious night, I recite the Chinese national anthem and thank Tencent for this fortuitous blessing and buy 1000 vanity crates from the item store.


Wont lie, i had fun reading that.
I also want shards! i m so behind, i dont even have rings on some dudes.
Where do i sign?

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I want the shards denied to Stygga. They seem more valuable than your regular RF shards.

Where did you get that LSD? It seems to be good… :rofl:

Whahaha brilliant

pvplevelup.com come get some


Is this a Haiku poem?

@AndyB are the login rewards going to change for the halloween event?