Hammer Thag never drop

I’ve done a Wine Cellar dungeon more than 50 times and I couldn’t drop the thag hammer, is this hammer still dropping or was it removed? the scythe and the mace have already taken more than 5… Play in pve 4520

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got it in my 1st try in a new server…
its just rng
do not stop trying!!!

also when u get multiple stuff from there , trade em for someone who may have more thag hammers and no khari recipes (for example) :wink:

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Tbh, I never farm it too :grin:.
In a server that I play with @Marcospt he told me that this hammer exists, I didn’t knew it :person_facepalming:t3:. Wine cellar drops are disappointing when it comes to rare legendary drops, you may spend months in there and not collect pristine and thag weapons. They should be a bit easier, after all not all of them are super you know :man_shrugging:.

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It’s droping, @warnhiv . It’s a great hammer too, one of the best in the game, if you ask me. It looks exactly like the one Thag uses, but obviously smaller. I didn’t even know about its existence until I got one. OTOH, I killed the executioner many times and the hood didn’t drop. I got it a lot of times previously. This time around, not a single one.

Farm just Thag. You don’t need to do the whole dungeon. Run past everyone up to his lair. Kill the skeletons outside.
Then go for him.
Wait 15 min. Rinse and repeat.


Well that’s good that you have know flat toes or foot for that matter. If the range says 15% you could roll the dice a thousand times and get nothing or that’s all you get I went long ago 6 to 7 weeks about 4 hours a day for craftsmen thrall’s and never seen one anywhere on map it was just poor poor luck so there is know way to guarantee a drop just keep trying. But if the hammer doesn’t drop then kill thag and drop some moves and beats on his floor

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