Happy Feet Achievement

Tech Shem DOES award the achievement.
Can people stop telling others that it does not work . . .

Tech is unique, as he does not dance like the others, this is true…
Instead he runs around looking at the other dancing Shems and attempts to “Disrupt” the dance by knocking one of them into the air.
This does NOT ruin the achievement process for anyone. Instead, this allows another person to gain the achievement.
Some are correct when they say he is not needed, but others are wrong when they say that he does not work.
Rage on the other hand is one that will not work for the achievement.

The Achievement is listed in your achievement tab (Press L) under “Collections” > “Pets”
“Have your pet golem participate in or disrupt the strange golem pet dance ritual”

For the sake of those wanting to use the Tech Shem . . .
Disrupting the ritual dance does not mean it will not grant the achievement.
Because It does. I myself have gained the achievement using the Tech Shem.

Also - It seems Happy Feet (I believe) is able to be got all year round since it is not listed in any event or seasonal achievement.

It is possible year round, so long as you can find enough people.

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