Harbor of black sails M13 - the skeleton boss is missing - solo mode

the area of ​​the harbor of the black sails is empty. the skeleton boss is missing as well as the normal skeletons. is this normal or is it a bug?
I test in solo mode.

Most likely those skeletons already are/will be removed. Together with the other 3 around the middle tower.

Im just guessing. With the Addition of camps, NEW “improoved” loot inside the vaults my thoughts go at the NEW Bosses to drop the stuff.

I hope this is a bug or a work that is not completed because I do not see the point of adding content on one side and removing content on the other. Especially since this skeleton boss was relatively difficult to do (before being level 60) and therefore added challenge to the game. The area is now full of chests but empty of mobs, it’s sad :worried:

This is a bug , here is what I saw when I teleported ( solo mode test-live , a minute ago ) :

so one is missing from this picture

then just to assure you that they won’t remove the 3 "golden skelies " as @Coty mentionned , they wouldn’t have placed this one over here if they were getting rid of it , they would simply have him removed already :wink: :

also when I teleported once more to the harbor … it was the other boss that was playing hide & seek … :sweat_smile:

Thx for your answer @Kanza1. :wink:
I hope Funcom will fix this bug quickly because it’s a cool area with a Boss that presents a real challenge.

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