Harpy's Kiss Arrow - qty 1

Harpy’s Kiss arrow takes an eldarium bar and insulated wood to create just ONE arrow.

I assume this was because it was used with the Harpy bow that used glove durability instead of ammo.

When the bow was changed recently, the Harpy arrow creation qty was not.

Can this be adjusted?

I don’t see the point on using this high cost to create just 1 arrow anymore. Maybe someone else does?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Isn’t it the Dragonforge bow that uses durability? If that has changed I am unaware, but not surprised. If it still works you can use it with Harpy Arrows to offset their high cost. To your main point though, yeah they are too expensive to be useful outside of this interaction.


ooh you’re right… it was voidforged bow wasn’t it that used durability?. Thats the one that was recently changed in the last patch. My bad.

Well, either way… its a high cost for the arrow. :slight_smile:
Thanks for correcting that for me!( so many items to get straight in my head!)

is there another reason to use that high cost arrow other than with the old voidforged bow that I am not aware of?


Yes Voidforge, even I get them confused lol. Too many things and too many changes to keep track of.


Unfortunately not, these arrows are now essentially useless. It is much easier to get Huntress Arrows with higher damage than is to make Harpy Kiss arrows from Eldarium.


Thanks for the additional info!

There are so many times where I miss the “correct” or intended function of an item due to how many different ways in which it can be used.

Hopefully the qty on the arrows in question can be adjusted - otherwise it’s carpenter inventory spam. hah! :slight_smile:

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@KittKatt , I believe you are right, a Bar of eldarium should give you at least 10 arrows. It makes no sense 1 bar for 1 arrow head.

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