Has anyone found venom-purified blood?

I know this is new and all but was wondering if anyone has figured out how to acquire venom-purified blood without admin spawning them in?

Use the ceremonial knife that you can craft in the altar with enemy thralls corpses.

the altar orbs are very useful but I think there is a bug (I don’t think it is intentional) if your thrall unintentionally hits the spider (generated by the altar orb) it will attack you and your thrall. By the way you or your thrall can´t damage that spider.

FIX: If this happens, launch another orb to create a new spider.

Odd. Tried harvesting the wild thralls and got nothing. Does it have to be owned by another clan?

I have been encountering the same issue, getting no venom infused blood from the harvesting tool on human corpses. The tool works on spiders to get the silk sac, but have been unable to find the blood to get any manifestations.

Server is unofficial Pvp and modded.

Same here. Trying without mods as well

On official server (PVE-C) it seems to work. I’ve just spent 10 minutes, or so, and gathered 92 purified bloods. My only issue is I have no idea where to find a Zath Archpriest. Any ideas good people?

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The mod is, most likely, the issue.

On official servers, I get venom infused blood with no problem from human corpses.

In my case the issue is the Immerse RP mod.
The problem has been reported in the comments of the mod’s steam workshop page.


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