Has anyone gotten any T4s from tavern?

Has anyone gotten any T4s in your taverns? All T1-T3 thrashfolk so far for me.

Sorry not many people are now able to test it, bans etc.
On single player i play shortly get barkeeper quite fast, and only tier I-III at bar table, not have will to test more in restricted offline single player mode.

I have gotten one T4 named fighter in my tavern, Sully. Of course, the game won’t let me interact with him or most of the many NPC’s that wander into my tavern, mostly male performers for some reason. As you say, most patrons are trashfolk who sometimes sit the wrong way on benches and ignore my repeated attempts to click on them.

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Dalisina walked into my tavern on test and sat down. Couldn’t hire her. Frustration ensued. Not crom coin ban frustration, but still…

i have tavern full of people, perhaps because is but some of my own thralls also there … lian drinking with freya is the most heartwarming picture.
the ones i can talk are t1-3. got also one interesting one - prowler. apparently t2, but the only place one could get her - shit stats though

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I got a tier 4 I could hire. It wasn’t very good but they do show up!

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My friend got low T4 archer to spawn there already.


Had a whole tavern full of thralls, and no hires this morning. Rip.

This is still awesome that they finally added hiring people rather than always thralling.

I really like the idea that the tavern can bring in named npcs, but they should be hireable at least. Otherwise it’s just aesthetics, and the whole point of the tavern is wasted.

When is anyone going to hire a level 1 exile when a level 3 is sitting nearby, yet only the exile 1 is hireable?

Silly. The tavern needs some tweaks.

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Best one was a T3 dancer so far. Too expensive. The expectations of these young Exiles today… ^^

Yeah no T4s in my tavern still and most of the patrons are not recruitable. This whole feature is in very early state, maybe thats why they added the fourth chapter to this age, to get more time.

This guy has the highest ranged multiplier among vanilla archers at 2.88. If you managed to hire him, congratulations.

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T1s gotta feed their families too:)

But seriously. I am okay with a bit of randomness here. If it was always top.tier, noone would farm thralls the old way. Not everything in a game should be instant best scenario.


i have seem several t4s in my tavern, but as a rule of thumb for me, if they are t4 you cant hire them, only low level ones wants to be hired XD

Sounds like my old clubbin’ days. See a T4 girl and she ignored me :slight_smile:

LOL, that was funny.

Got a lemurian archer t4, my base was set up outside unnamed city.

FUNCOM - puts a 3% probability for a T4 thrall to appear at the bar.
PLAYER - fine, I will build 10 bars

Im on ps5 and didn’t see a t4 so far. Not once.
But i‘m also not able to interact with all the patrons .
I know that’s intended, not everyone wants to be hired.

But i wonder what is going to happen when a t4 shows up. What if i‘m not able to interact with him either? :grimacing: