Non-Hirable Named Tavern Patrons

A suggestion: Do not have named thralls show up at a tavern if they can’t be hired. It’s rare enough to see one, and then not being able to hire them just adds to the frustration.


And another non-hirable named thrall shows up. That’s two today. The game is mocking me.


Of the many, many NPCs traipsing around my taverns, I get one every few days that can be hired. Usually they are a T2 or lower NPC I wouldn’t ever bother with.

This is similar to the original Wild Surge concept on Siptah. All T1 thralls that were not worth the trouble.

The bar is not just a slot machine for getting high-tier thralls. It’s also a role-playing device. So if Lian or Dalinsia want to just have a few ales and relax in your bar, rather than jump at a chance to follow your every order until death do you apart, it feels more realistic, more alive, than if they were just sock puppets you can pick up at your leisure.


I tend to agree. Overall I love the idea of the tavern. But I get more named thralls stopping by for a drink than I get tier 1 and 2 thralls wanting to be hired. By the time players are able to get a tavernkeeper and open a tavern, they can already do Purges and are well beyond needing tier 1 and 2 thralls. But don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of the tavern, and I’m happy it was implemented. I am looking forward to seeing what they add. That being said, sometimes I wish that Dalinsia Snowhunter (who is currently sitting in my tavern, not for hire) thought I was cool enough that she wanted to fight under my banner. Maybe someday…

Don’t know about your “patrons” but those visiting my bars just sit there like they are bored zombies, even with half nude dancers…nothing, they are not interested, maybe they are hoping to be hired and given something to do

One hope is that animations and chatter and music are added to the tavern sooner than later.

Funcom seems to have modeled the Sit Chair emote after Sad Keanu.

You can stand your own thralls around your tavern in a variety of “celebratory” (inebriated) poses.

In other news, Varkin Fleetfoot just walked into my tavern and offered himself for hire. However, I’ve got better things to do with 500 gold than hire an angry looking male Lemurian dancer.

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You can hire any tavern visitors of any tier, if these are real NPCs and not an animation, you just need to very briefly press E. Then a menu will appear: ‘hire for so many gold coins’ and ‘say goodbye’. I have not seen a single case where it was impossible to hire an NPC if it was identified to you when you hover the cursor.
NPC I are hired for 10 gold coins.
NPC II - for 50.
NPC III - for 100.
Named NPCs - for 500.

I’m on console. There’s no “E,” and interacting with them does nothing. It only tells my thrall to attack, which also does nothing.

It sounds to me like you found a PC-only exploit.

E is square on PS controller. So it sounds like a bug. basically spam the square as you move reticle around until you get the menu to hire.

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Why exploit?

Yeah, this doesn’t work for me on PC. I can only interact with E on a thrall that is hirable. If it has a health bar, then it is off-limits.

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Yeah, so it’s likely an exploit.

Because you’re taking advantage of a bug and “exploiting” it? That’s exactly what an exploit is. :neutral_face:

Same here - i can only hire those with the E option available on PC.

Agreed, not an exploit. Sounds more like a bug with the menu not popping up all the time.

Not true. If you target lock, you cam get health bars on any of them.

It doesn’t pop up at all unless they can be hired normally on console. If @Teng knows this and yet is still spamming the interact button, thereby achieving said interaction in a manner not suppose to be possible, then it is an exploitation of the bug. So yeah, it’s a bug, but it’s also an exploit. That being said, I do feel more patrons should be hirable. It seems stupid to hardly find any, and even those that can be are, more often than not, total garbage.

I may be able to solve this riddle

What’s the difference?