Has anyone on official pc pvp servers had items on wedges survive the patch?

Hey all,

So reading all of these posts about the patch it sounds like items placed on wedges or wedge foundations may disappear. It may also have something to do with items overlapping each other. People have reported losing chests and benches with thralls on them.

My clan-mate and I are debating logging in as that may trigger the loss. We use wedges heavily in our designs.

My question is this: Have any of you on official pc pvp servers that meet the above conditions logged in to find your things all intact?


everything was fine in my base with wedges everywhere

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It might depend upon what tier of wedge foundation it was on. People are reporting that sandstone wedge foundations (tier one) have caused items to be despawned especially if the item overlapped the edges of it.
It might help the OP and other if those who say they are ok to specify which type of wedge it was on.

Good idea - FWIW most of ours are on t3 black ice.

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