Help me understand what happened to my chest, cupboard and smelter

A chest, a cupboard and a smelting oven, which were all placed on solid foundations, disappeared some time during the past few days. They were dispersed in various locations inside my base, but all on foundations that were in direct contact with the ground. I have dozens of other containers, but they were unaffected. I don’t see any pattern there. The containers that disappeared had nothing in common, except that they were located on foundations on the ground level. How can I tell which of my items are at risk of disappearing in the future, and which are safe? Is it random, or is there something that I must pay attention to?


So I have had things disappear on both official and private servers which include chests, workstations, and cupboards and all their contents. In my case the only thing they had in common was they were all resting on a foundation wedge or at least partial on the wedge. Now certainly not everything I placed on a wedge disappears so there still appears to be no clear logic but so far I have not had anything disappear that was not on a wedge.

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We had the same thing. And may others on our official server had it too.
Anything that was placed mostly on a wedge went poof.
Smelters, armorer’s chests and cupboards.
Blacksmith stations did not dissappear, my guess is due to the size they overlap many foundations.
It doesn’t seem to effect wedge ceiling tiles though. But I have logged off on top of one and logged on a floor or two below.

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Yeah, I have yet to lose a BS station. I did lose a chest an workstation next to it while I was online. I was running through the room and notice a giant loot bag. It was all the things in the station and chest. At least in that case I was able to recovery those items.

Although I like the diversity that the wedge can offer to building design, I think going forward I may just limit myself to square structures.

Yeah. I caught several loot bags at 1 base.
But at another I lost a cupboard full of t3 & 4 fighter/archer thralls and one full of alchemy stuff like orbs, gold & silver.

Some on our server have said that stuff placed after the big patch is OK but I’m not game to test that.

I’m still using the wedge foundation. I’m just not putting anything on them.

“the only thing they had in common was they were all resting on a foundation wedge”
Good observation! This must be it. My stuff also rested on foundation wedges, whereas stuff that sits on (or mostly on) square foundations is still here.

Many things was destroyed by last patch :frowning:

After the “splendid” “Mother of Patch” many objects that were standing on the TRIANGULAR foundations of the fortified stone disappeared. According to my observations, these foundations became a little higher (this can be checked by putting any carpet on the floor, made up of triangular foundations - carpets are almost completely immersed in the foundations) - and destroyed what, before being on them, were “inside” them. The reason is obvious: someone from Funcom, most likely accidentally, has changed either the height of these foundations, or the binding to the grid. Then it was saved, packed - and presented to us in the form of a “great patch”, along with a bunch of other bugs.
And what are your objects can be threatened :wink:? Yes any - while in Funcom stamp patches the left hand while right pack a suitcase in holiday :rofl:.

Has the awesome observation of bugged wedged foundations been reported?

Its been reported many times mate, Im sure they know about it by now.
It also seems to be a server by server issue too as out of the 100+ active players on our private server , only one reported losing just a single blacksmith, and this might have been a purge or decay.