Items built on wedge foundations disappeared after patch

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Noob zone river]

After yesterday’s big patch, my base is basically destroyed. It seems to have only affected some things placed on wedge foundations. Nothing on a square foundation disappeared. I lost the following (including the thralls inside):

4 of 6 improved furnaces
1 of 2 tanneries
0 of 4 improved blacksmiths
3 of 3 armories, including several named thralls (we kept multiples in there for racial recipes)
0 of 2 carpenter’s bench
0 of 2 cauldrons
1 of 1 improved stove
0 of 1 bonfire

So basically, I lost 43% important components of my base above. I included the things that I didn’t lose in case that helps. I also lost:

1 full large storage box of iron bars
1 full large storage box of brick
1 full large storage box of hardened brick
1 full large storage box of weapons
several other large storage boxes filled with stuff

I can replace everything above. You cannot replace my trust. Do it better.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Update my private server to the mother of all patches
  2. Login
  3. Wait for everything to load - much of it didn’t.

Yes, I posted this elsewhere as well.

Yep, lost a load of stuff due to the patch - It could possibly all have been on wedge foundations. Very annoying. Other people on our server saying the same.