Has The Ability To Loot Abandoned Structures In PVE Been Turned Back On?

I logged into my PvE server to refresh my decay timer and all of my containers, crafting stations and alters were gone. The structure, thralls and decorative items were still there. There was nothing in the event log other than that the base briefly was in the abandoned state.

You used to be able to loot abandoned bases, but that feature was turned off about a year ago. I know Funcom said they were going to turn a version of the feature back on.

Did that happen and it just wasn’t in the patch notes?

It’s possible they just destroyed the decayed placeables (a doable move) even though the items inside the placeables are unlootable.

Hmmmm. Yeah. Weird that they didn’t wreck the whole structure though. Oh well. I hardly play anymore so no big loss.

I think it has been turned back on, but whether intentional or not I have no idea.

Atleast in Official testlive server ( latest version ) you can do that in PvE - Conflict

about a month ago, I went into an abandoned base, and only the chests and other containers were destructible, I wanted to take down the whole building but was unable.

maybe these things are related.
I was on Official PVP btw

I believe @Palm522 received confirmation that this was re-enabled, but was one of those changes that got omitted from the patch notes. It happened right around the same time as the new purge types were introduced, which also weren’t noted in the very same patch notes.

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Sorry for your loss, I am pretty sure that if someone looted these items it would show in your event log, it could be a server glitch that somehow removed your stuff since your event log doesn’t show any decay or lost items, back in early December we had a similar issue where everything mysteriously disappeared without a trace inside one of our outposts.

Here’s the post about our incident:

Wow. This does sound a lot like what I experienced.

Interesting. So it appears some form of it was turned back on. I wonder if it’s bugged? I’m on a an official pve server. My log said one of my bases was set to decay in 24 hours. Before the time was up a player demolished and looted my thrall machine. I was surprise to find it missing when I went to renew all my timers.

Yes it’s turned back on and remember your base goes into a state of decay on the 8th day during that time players can loot your base at the end of the 8th day your base with collapse leaving loot bags everywhere


Pinata base!

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