Everything within base just vanished without a trace?

We have an outpost on official pve-c 1041 where all placeables like chests, work stations, fridges, thrall wheel etc. have disappeared without a trace.
The building is intact except for 3 of the doors, a water well and all torches are still there.
The base is visited/played in 2-3 times each week, so I am ruling out normal decay.
It gets more mysterious since the event log show no decay or lost items at all and that last event was december 5th right before the update went live where I dropped some stuff which isn’t true because we have been there capturing thralls and foals + organizing a lot of stuff since the update.

PVE-C 1041 has been a buggy mess for many months so at first I thought it was because of stuff sometimes taking several minutes to spawn in, but I now believe that our stuff simply vanished since the event log show no sign of activity or decay at this base even though we have been doing stuff there, but the event log haven’t registered it…

I’m not really expecting an explanation to what happened, but I really woulds like to hear if others have experienced something similar?

Also it is not the end of the world for us since it was an outpost, but if it can happen to this then it could also have happened to a main base, that is my biggest concern :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why is your proximity only set for 200? How do we know those screen shots are taken with you actually at that base? Seems fishy.

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All I can say is there’s nothing fishy on it from my side, I set the proximity to 200 to avoid noise from other areas, and yes there’s no way I can prove what I am saying and in all honesty I don’t blame you for finding it fishy, I probably would too if someone else wrote something similar, but it did happen to us.
Like I said it wasn’t the end of the world for us since it was an outpost, my concern is what if this has happened to others and could it potentially happen again?

EDIT: I could go outside the house and make screenshots of the event log showing some of the base in the background image of the event log and let it stay on the default proximity if you think that would make it more convincing :slight_smile:

You can see the structure behind the log window…


Building over POI’s or rare spawn nodes can accelerate decay.

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Unfortunately these things, while rare, can still happen during server restarts and updates. There isn;t really a sure fire way to prevent it other than tucking your head between your legs and just praying all will be fine, for the most part this shouldnt happen to you often, if it does then there may be an underlying issue causing it. But for now just be thankful it was an outpost like you said.

When an update is applied small changes to certain files and have knock on chain reaction effects that can cause all sort of weird and wonderful consequences. You can equate it to windows updates, how often have you heard of a windows update that ends up breaking the most random little feature or application. Unfortunately these things happen and we must just take them in our stride.

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The outpost was built on the grass plains north of New asagarth, the only resources there was a few bushes and rocks, so nothing importantly despawned, besides there was no mention of decay in event log + the building itself still stands and had more than 100 hours left before decay, it was all placeables that just vanished except for the water well and torches :slight_smile:

I have come to the same conclusion myself, I cannot see any other logical explanation to it than it must have been a rare and weird server glitch that removed all placeables in the base.
Furthermore I talked to one of the neighbors who confirmed that he saw me working there 2 days before the placeables disappeared, he just thought we had emptied the base because we didn’t need it anymore and he became more confused when I told him that we didn’t and that the event log didn’t show any activity there since the update on december 5th, he had seen me there loads of times dragging thralls into the wheel and doing other stuff there after the update…

One explanation could also be that our server has been having lots of issues and crashes, especially after the mounts update where chests wouldn’t load their inventory for up to 10-20 minutes, also doors could be interacted with but sometimes wouldn’t open, lots of people were locked inside their houses until the server restarted or the doors that they had tried to open suddenly opened after a long time… Don’t know what the exact cause is and I will probably never know, but as you said, we’re lucky it was just an outpost this happened to :slight_smile:

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