Official PVE-C #1035 stations, chest, carpets, planters, etc misssing

Hi all, I was visiting one of my bases on the above mentioned server today and noticed alot of placeables were missing, I tried dying/relogging/rage quiting, but they are simply gone.I was in that base yesterday and everything was still there. I cannot find anything consistent other than it seems to happen on one side of the base but again not 100% consistent. Some placeables, even of the same kind are still there while others are gone. They were on black ice square foundation/ceilings and on reinforced brick square foundations/ceilings. The missing placeables are carpenter bench, 2x armourer bench, ± 8 chests, ± 4 cupboards, 10+ carpets, dry rack, 2x improved tanner, 3x improved cauldron and large cooking fire(might have missed some). Some stations had materials and T4 thralls on them, others were empty. The fact that I have lost all these things bothers me much less than the fact I cannot find an explanation for it. Can someone please give a reasonable explanation? The base has been there for 2 months and never had any (placeables missing) issue before.
Thx in advance, Skinny

Damn, that sucks. Not a rendering issue? Permanently gone?

Hi, ty for your reply. Yes def not a render issue, permanently gone for sure. No log entry.

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