Has the decay timer been altered / How to recover unfairly deleted items due to early decay


I have been playing on server #1103 since May (400+ hours). My last login before today was on friday, 19 Oktober.

Due to real life commitments I logged in again today after five days to ensure that the decay timer would reset. However, upon logging in I discovered that all of my buildings have been marked as abandoned in the last couple of days.

All of my doors, chests, valuable T3 items and materials were destroyed by the system and all of my t4 Thralls were “returned home”. What wasn’t destroyed were easy pickings for a couple of passers-by who took advantage of my misfortune.

How is is it possible that a five day hiatus would trigger such an apocalypse, especially when all of my buildings were T3 (hardened brick).

Is there anyway of getting these items back?

I don’t have the patience to rebuild everything again due to an apparent “glitch” in the system.

Any help would be appreciated.

Folow it

The only change that I have noticed is that the decay timer has gone up from 6 days to 7 days.

Did you happen to use a repair hammer to confirm that the decay timer had been reset on the 19th?

That would be 6 days, not 5 days, which the old system would make your buildings destructible by nearby players if they felt to do so. On the 7th day everything would have auto destruct. Per the new changes, that system is now 7 days where players can self destruct abandoned structures, and the 8th day auto destruct everything.

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