Have i missed somthing?

So, im 60 hours into the game. All i do is farm trees, get stones, and kill what try to kill me. I got some lvl 3 thralls. All world bosses are max lvl. Am i supposed to gather rocks and trees until max lvl or somthing? Or is there more to the game in pve? Its like ive missed somthing? is there dungeons for the lower lvls aswell?

I just dont get what im doing in the game atm, other then chopping tree`s. I dont even know what im gearing for atm. Its so empty in a way.

So that is why i ask, if i have missed somthing in the game

You have missed a lot. There are dungeons, NPC to talk to, purge to prepare for ect. Explore the map.

im not suprised, ive been into some caves. I found a large crocodile that i killed, gave me meat and leather. And a large spider that was not killable :stuck_out_tongue: The purge. i think im ready for a week ago, but the purge bar, is half after 60 hours. So i feel like im not to stressed with that atm :stuck_out_tongue: Where can i find those Dungeon`s up to lvl 30 then? Are the people to talk about, the trainers u mean? or is it more questy?

i did check youtube now… i have missed alot. The game does not give u alot of hint for that :stuck_out_tongue:

The game not telling you exactly what to do is part of the fun of survival games.

You just have to find your own way through the world.

Press J and look at your Exiles Journey steps these will give you plenty of things to do.


Its hidden in a way, but when u read further down, the lightbulb started to shine. It explained so little at start, so ive been only crafting all the time. Ive been exploring alot, but i was sure it all was for the endgame

this is why i like survival games :smiley: no dev telling me “do this” or “go there” and so on :smiley: i sometimes logon, build, craft, farm… and then logoff and its like 5 hours later.! its so easy to lose time when you can do what ever you want. i’m hunting the many emotes now, and no i don’t use Google so its extremely fun when i do find one, its like Xmass then ^^


Yeah. The game is suprising me to much atm. I did not expect this game to be this good. i did not not read up on the game, or do youtube guides and all. 60 hours in the game… and u see how little i knew.

If Funcom play there cards right, and add more content out the year, and add som flavor to this feast. This might be the game of the year in its category.

I feel there is somthing missing yet. Some small things, to keep you busy on the side in the world. except purge. It need to be somthing to collect. Somthing u hunt for, like pets, maby different legendary thralls above named. mounts? Somthing fun you can use in battle? As u say… the small things like emotes… we need small collectable things on the side.

From what I have seen in game with the current live build there is stuff that is still not active in the world for the area that is available (read not the swamp/volcano)

I’m not going to spoil things here for anyone but I know several non agro NPC’s that you can talk to who at the moment give loads of flavor style stuff which I am of the hope will actually be something that you can do something about come 8th May.

Finding all these things and filling all of the exiles journey will take quite a while as some of it can be quite tricky and figuring it all out is a lot of the fun.

If you follow the journey steps, you get lots of xp and can level fast.