Genuine Question for Veteran Players


Hi guys! I was wondering how you guys continue to make the game fun once you hit endgame? I’m running out of things to do and I was hoping I could get some advice on how to keep having fun in the game. Thanks!!


Collect all the named thralls in the game, purge and non purge.


Explore every nook and cranny, visit all the tourist spots, tour the map to see some of the amazing things others build… sometimes I spend time simply wandering around.


Make bases all over the map, decorate them with gardens, fountains, dancers and tamed beasts. Make heaven instead of wilderness. Install some mods to make your buildings even more magnificent. In fact, I see no reasons to leave the Exiles lands at all when those bountiful lands belong to you.

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Running out of things…
For me this game has its own routines. Still this game has a way to keep your interest alive, go pvp. Again if you don’t want to go online, you have to create something in your head and fix it. To the bottom line it is your will that keeps interest on this game, than the game it self. My interest for the pve aspect of the game kept alive by 2 ways.
Offline, i play barbarick dificulty only, starting from 0, no admin panel.
Online pve official, i play only official for the difficulty again, because in private servers every thing is very easy. So with this difficulty of gathering i am fixing museums :joy:. Try to gather every single weapon of the game, believe me you need at least 2 months, if you are lucky :wink:.


A number of these are fairly obvious and you may have already done them. But ill list them anyway.

  • Clear every dungeon.
  • Harvest star metal meteorites.
  • Collect the many Legendary Weapons & Armor
  • Build the improved version of each crafting station.
  • Fully level up all of you followers.
  • You could find all of the 6 Artifacts to craft the Keystone.
  • If you have not done so already, you could complete all but the final 2 Journey Steps.
  • You could also find and learn every possible Recipe in the game (including emotes).
  • Trying out all of the many diffierent Purges in each biome is fun also.
  • You could build a Maproom right near each of the Obelisks.
  • Exterminate one of every type of Boss and World Boss in the game.
  • Try out each of the gods. There is no Crom purge unfortunately.
  • If you have Admin rights you could explore the Outer Rim (aka-beyond the Cursed Wall).
  • Collect all of the Asurans. Corms the Faithful is the best one of course!
  • Stockpile even more piles of Gold and Silver. That means orestones, bars and dust piles too…not just coins.
  • Collect a full stack of every item. And I do mean EVERY item; that includes everything from arrows, to potions, to heads, to hardened leather, to plants and seeds.
  • Collect all entries of Razmas Journal, and other notes.
  • Find Razma. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Depending on your server you could build a zoo.
  • Trade the unique items from Shamalla the Pirate Queens merchants.
  • Activate all 4 switches on a wall near The Den.
  • If you do happen to remove the Bracelet, your former companions at your old characters base will be hostile to your new character. Some players enjoy going and raiding them. Ive not done this yet myself, but it sounds fun.
  • As Nemesis suggested you could collect thralls. I am collecting all named female Dancers myself.
  • Watch some of the NPCs fight each other for laughs.
  • Collect all unique items and placeables.

Well there is a few to get you started ChaonThe5th. If I think of any others I will update the list. I really miss the days of levelling myself. I am also really hoping Funcom will bless us with a Prestige mode at a later date.

  • Doing challenge runs, like being a viking (starting in the north, avoid killing all the nordheimers for no reason only enslave them, using only vanir/hardened steel/Ymir stuff, and the only pet I use is wolf).
  • Trying out new mods.
  • Taking out enemies with the weakest slaves possible.

Go to PVP servers and destroy others bases :slight_smile:

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This option may not be for everyone, but I usually just start over with a new character. For me, building up from literally nothing is the fun part.


I have a starting run before i decide to stay and play in every server. This starting run means, all the obelisks, most of the recipes, most of the e motes, all the dance motes, closing with dagoon scales and deep fishing recipe, before i even take breakfast in my sandstone cabin :joy::joy::joy:. So yes, i do enjoy to start from the beginning :wink:.


Im not going to give you a list of things to do.
What i will tell you, The game is only as good as the friends you have around you. Solo life is fun till you are done. Beating the *, collection of *, building your *, and being the best *, they are all ends to a means.
What is endgame in all games, is friendship, doesnt matter what you do, how you do it, or why, if you have a group of randoms you can keep on going.


I don’t think my routine is quite as intense as yours, but I do have a starting ritual, so I know where you’re coming from.


Well Im a Vet and a player, so I guess I get to answer.
Getting all the achievements is a task we enjoyed doing.
We have been sitting on the last one (leave the server) and have all the rest completed. They just added 10 more!

We are also the welcome wagon. We ask every noob if they need any help, and everyone knows they can ask any conan question and the senior players go out of their way to answer these.

In the last year, the new trend is for clan to build right next to you, and have their purge attack us.
We have come up with fool proof ways of getting them to leave, because FUncom does not enforce the rules they made.

Also a every change give yo something new to do. We are still recovered from having to kill off 60 thralls to make room for the new system.
Also raising thralls is now an art form. Mrs. Mrs Jones and I have races to see how fast we can get them to 20.

My old Elite Dangerous gang has been on my case for two years now to go back. We are having too much fun here. When SWGII comes out we will leave, until then…
“Party on Garth!”


Do like Skyrim players do. Mod it. Mod it till it breaks. Then mod it some more.

The Age of Calamitous mod adds in content for levels 61-120. Stuff that outside of the Arena Champion, is much tougher and trickier than any vanilla boss.

Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod also adds bosses, tuned for max level of 60. Some of the bosses have MMORPG-like mechanics.

I haven’t tried it myself, but EEWA apparently adds really high level (beyond even AoC) content as well, and the gear to go with it.

Personally with 3400 hours in, only about 700 of that is unmodded. The game is quite easy on the PVE side of things, and if you play on officials or with oficial-like rule sets for PVP, the game dries up quickly. So I’ve gone to private servers for the last two years and never looked back. You simply go to one with a ruleset and modlist that looks interesting and see how well it goes.

And I tend to prefer the RP servers. Ones with PVP as a focus. The idea there is all actions and choices have consequences. Fights happen, but for a reason. Not simply because we’re all playing muderhobos. Typically on these servers if you fight someone, its because some dialogue happened and something went south, or you found they had something you wanted.

Raids are done when the defenders are online. I’m sorry, blowing up foundations doesn’t do it for me when the owner isn’t there to watch. Not after thousands of hours of playing. No offense to many of you who like doing that. You do you.

And RP servers typically allow you to build more for aesthetic reasons rather than these weird honeycombed bricks on unclimbable mesas. So with those mods that add a bajillion styles, you can make some really fascinating buildings and structures that people can do their RP thing in.

If RP isn’t your thing, well I dunno what you could do once you’ve killed every boss, collected every legendary. I guess you could put together the keystone, break the bracelet, and find another game. There’s always that. Or even find a server that does scenarios. I dunno of any of these personally, but its something easily setup. Could get a bunch of interested folk, divide into teams. Give everyone a weak to build their shtuff, and then for a 24 hour period, see who can do the most damage to each other.


I also got bored, although it took me a long time, and I went into “refresh only” mode for a while. Now I’m back to playing more actively, so here’s what rekindled my interest.

I found a really nice private server that has an actively helpful admin, a great community and some mods that breathe a new life into the game without changing it into something unrecognizable.

For example, being able to place doors that other players can open and being able to place merchants can give my structures an actual meaning, beyond the old “a place to log in and out, store my stuff and craft things”.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll get bored of that, but for now I’m enjoying the second wind I got from it.


On Ps4, I have multi PS Accounts (not psn) So I keep my main character, waiting for day last journal entries get finished, And I keep 2 alts which have pre-made saves backed up on USB’s I load every few days and start over.

Thou one is mostly test character. My 2nd Main, is one I tend to reload a few times a week to mess around.


Barbaric difficulty really seems to be what the game is balanced around. It’s far more interesting for me at least so I’ll second the vote for barbaric difficulty without cheating.


Pretty much this. And I play other games also. For example, in addition to this I play Fallout 3, Civ 6, and Lord of the Rings Online.

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It is fun if you are playing Solo/Co-op. You can also leave little treasures about the old places before you leave so there is something inside worth fighting for. Kind of like playing PvP with your last characters structures and thralls/pets.


I make treasure hunts for my clan mates, i.e. hide a chest with a few strange or valuable things and spread some hints.
As admin on my server I can give out very special treasures, like Ladagara or the Essence of the Ring :wink:

EDIT: Obviously this needs decay switched off, otherwise chest and hints will vanish if the players take too long.

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