My endgame goals on pve and pve-c + thralls

2k hrs ingame here. Love this game.
I would pay for this game yearly for as much time as I have dinked around in it. Definitely played my money’s worth. I’ve always thought of this game as adult minecraft with a splash of Arc.

I like playing funcom servers over private due to the knowledge that I know the server won’t vanish like a lot of private ones do.

I like building. I enjoy collecting. The game has hundreds of diff items.

I get a kick out of randomly killing things in a variety of ways.

Dlcs provide great pieces to create amazing builds.

So how do I spend my endgame time?

I play the new content briefly until the new items are acquired then I integrate them into my builds and my guild’s builds.

We place thralls to protect against wierdly placed purges. Outside gates, on a player built road, inside a fishhut… protecting a leatherworking building in the savanah… etc. You get the idea.
They aren’t over spammed guards. Placement makes sense.

It looks tight and clean.

We place thralls on a newly released stage piece in a bar.

We place a dancer thrall with matching religion wear near alters.

We built a prison and its pretty dang cool. Etc.

So what now?

After a thrall count, we have roughly 150 placed thralls and the ocasional pet. All with a purpose or an asthetic reason. We could trim maybe 15 before things start looking like a ghost town.

This is the first time I’ve had to re evaluate what is conan endgame now to me?

Does the creative side I enjoy so much have a place anymore?

Makes my stomach turn a bit knowing maybe its time to sit back and take a break.

I understand why limits are being introduced. Totally get it.

I want mounts to work so bad. But is the mount mechanic worth what I enjoy doing after lvl 60?

The current purposed limit just doesn’t fit currently with our very small (not a max filled guild) group’s playstyle.

Not asking for thoughts or comments.
I just want funcom to read how I, as a player, and my guild like to spend our time in game.


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