What is left to do? How can I keep playing?

I have played almost 7k hours and done every dungeon and explored everywhere. I maintain two bases and one public access maproom on a PVE-C public server, and am afraid to build anything else due to the “nuclear option” that Funcom seems to have now.

I used to love capturing thralls and building, but both have been nerfed in my opinion and now I am at a loss of how to keep going in this amazing game that I love.

I have pondered trying a private server with mods, but I know virtually nothing about mods, how they work, how to use them, and how to choose a private server that is not being run by Hannibal Lecter.

Any advice, hints, or suggestions would be nice, thank you.


This is the best part when using mods. Try a server with EEWA or AoC (warning elves) or both. It is like learning a new game :smiley: Or maybe even try a new map e.g. Savage Wilds.

If you join a server that runs mods, the game will detect them and give you an option to automatically subscribe and download them, then it will restart in order to arrange them in the correct order. If you want to skip the restart, next time use the launcher to arrange the mods yourself in the order required by the server.

When it comes to building, there are great mods to try both for building sets and decorations.

As for finding the server for you, this is subjective. Give us a bit more info on what you enjoy doing and then we may be able to guide you better. Your preferred style and region as well. Picking the right server is a bit of a trial and error.

Deaso’s latest video shows pretty well what you can do with mods, he has listed the mods used as well:


Unfortunately, the problem with most unofficial servers is the cliques. I think it’s almost impossible for server admins to NOT give special privileges to friends and family members. However, if the private server is focused more on RP, than it’s really not that important. Since you’ve already done all the content for official servers, a private server might be your only other option. Keep in mind, a majority of private servers that don’t die within 6 months are the ones with ERP ( ■■■■■■ roleplay ). Most of which have story chapters which may or may not include a server wipe but again, if you’re RPing, server wipes are irrelevant.

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There are many options out there without any of the issues you describe. And there are definitely servers which do have those issues as well.

As for @JJDancer what I would suggest is to look at the steam workshop (probably sort by most popular) and look at what mods are around and what interest you. Some mods completely change the game (as mentioned above aoc which I personally cannot stand but many love) make the game so different it may as well not be called Conan any longer. Others effect it far less but still add things which you may be interested in. As you are a builder something like Northern Timbers might appeal to you as it is mostly just new build sets. Then just look for servers in your chosen playstyle (I assume you will want to stay in PvE-C) and just try some out. If you don’t like the community early one ditch them and find another. You should see pretty early if they are a bad fit or not.

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That video is pretty amazing, it reminds me of a Rivendell style build. The only thing lacking is the human (NPC) interaction.
As to a type of server, I would want to be with a relaxed group of mature people, weather PVE or PVE-C. I like to play a relaxed game, and immerse myself into it. I am not really into RP, but am a bit curious how that all works.
I am also a private person and do not wish to give out my personal information via a website or voice application.
I have looked at private servers in the past, and was asked to give my personal information to “register” for the server, which I declined to do.


WOW!!! I would run from that server in a heartbeat! The most I’ve seen from a private server is they ask you to join their discord but actual person information??? That sounds like a total scam.


I and my friends have tried multiple privates with mods. The only issue I have with weapons and newer npc content is it is severely out of balance with base game. Most are OP. That doesn’t make them bad, jymust making sure you understand the way it is not very lore and balance cohesive. The only mod I really loved was Savag Wilds map. Thought it was set up perfectly as far as spacing of camps etc.

When joining a modded server, make sure your modlist matches that of the server. It’ll let you know if your mods are out of order if this is jumbled up. Thankfully the launcher seems to do a decent job at allowing you to alter the modlist as needed. Used to have to join the game, change it, then relaunch the game for the mods to take effect.

Go ahead and get the following mods, they’re pretty much used on every modded server:

Less Building Placement Restrictions (LBPR)
Unlock Plus (with Pickup)

And for my personal recommendation: Savage Wilds

While technically a mod, it is a very well made map that combines some of the best aspects of Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah. It even eliminates some of the draw backs. You still have some RNG with relic fragments and eldarium delving recipes, but you get so many of those its not that bad.

Has some nifty boss fights unique to it as well. And if you can tackle them (the Leviathan bosses and Alaric the Icy) without a thrall and using melee, I’ll be very impressed. I haven’t done all that myself, though a friend of mine has (ironically because he hadn’t figured out how to use thralls yet).

I don’t know much about anything, but maybe @Larathiel and @JJDancer should discuss mods and private servers and such.

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JJ, I can’t send you a DM but feel free to reach out or send me a DM In discord: Narelle#8558. I can give you some servers to take a look at.


Yes, Elves in Hyborea, great mod. Also all Calamitos style is about 18+ century, not ancient one like CE original and it looks weird.
Also eewa brings nothing but grind, and badly recolored icons, with this 2 mods CE looks like cheap korean mmo from 2000x years.

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You can build this with only PIPPI mod and vanilla game

I have multiple private servers with no building rules besides a building piece cap. Our solo duo trio is usually 50+ in the evenings. I have a modded server as well im building up currently with just pippi and mutator mod for transmogs.

There is space for both of us, I am not into e(RP) but I don’t mind elves. There are wide variety of mods for the players to choose depending on their personal preference. If e(RP) is what you are into, fine with me. I give recommendations bss what I enjoy, others are welcome to share as well.

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You may need a server with the Age of Calamitous mod. The beginning is step-by-step, the quest system will help you at first. This is a new mythology, developed in detail earlier, new minerals, new locations, new dungeons, new crafting and magic systems, legendary characters, stronger npc and bosses. The mod is being actively updated - there was a very powerful update recently - and it looks very cool.

I’ll echo the sentiment that mods add a whole new dimension to the game.

May be worth upping the difficulty as well. Server I’m playing on lately has absolutely brutal settings and severely nerfed thralls and I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it. Course I may be strange…

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That is a solid list to start with. Pippi is a great all around tool for all aspects of the game.

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What is left to do? go play a pvp server

7k hours and you have not experienced all the glory of the incredible modding community?!

I second trying a server with AoC and/or EEWA. They do work well together, especially if you’re just into PvE.

Some really great mods in my opinion that I can’t play without anymore (as a PvE player. Gave up on PvP a while ago and some of these mods are tough to balance with PvP)

Less Building Placement Restrictions
Amunets Server Transfer
Immersive Armor
Improved Quality of Life
The Forgotten Lands

With AoC, EEWA, and The Forgotten Lands, Exiled Lands is revamped entirely and feels like a new world. Tons of end game content. New dungeons, raids, world bosses, end game armors and weapons, thralls, so many new building pieces.

The Forgotten Lands adds like 30% more playable space to the North East.

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I played PVP public for six months with my boyfriend and his army friends. I was more annoyed with them than other players. Then they all got deployed and left me to defend three huge bases.

I doubt I will ever play PVP on CE again.