Have you seen the feedback, Funcom?

You’re just reiterating what I said.

Yes, but with style.

There are people here who do want to contribute. Then there are the others. For me, a thread like this only shows 50% of the posts because I have blocked the biggest whiners here. I just don’t have the time for it.

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It depends on the nature of the “complaining”, I would say. As I suggested above, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and ranting. A wise developer listens to the former and mostly ignores the latter. I say mostly, because although ranting in general is unconstructive and uninformative, it does give an idea that something is wrong, even if it doesn’t give an idea as to what exactly, or how to fix it.

So, lots of ranting sends the developer the message that they should read the constructively critical posts and give them some thought.

Of course, if the people who choose to rant instead posted constructive criticism, or just shut up if they’re unable to be constructive, it’d leave the forums cleaner, and the constructive feedback easier to find.

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This is just a mere excuse.
You know it, I know it.

If people don’t come to the forum doesn’t mean they’re happy about the game.
But more importantly, why do you keep a forum in first place if you don’t listen to feedbacks from people there ?

This is the OFFICIAL FORUM and it has a Feedback section.
If they want to ignore feedbacks just because most of them are complaints (while the happy ones are bullsht like “oh, I do love this emote !”) … they are free to do it, but don’t tell bullsit like “What developer would listen to the biggest complainers in game?”

I understand ignoring the ones like “rollback is not the answers, give us back our last 12 hrs of play and f*ck those who lost months because of a bug” …

But you cannot ignore the ones like “hey, what the hell did you do with thralls balance ?” or “hey, pets no longer deal damage !”

Don’t we have any right to ask for a consistent game after we paid for it ? Because what we have now is everything but that …


Well what id do differently from the bomb idea is that you would have to create a platform and then build a bomb cart and you can craft it onto here but it would spit out a explosive jar for you to pick up and up to five can be created thus you would need good logistical team to effectively take out a base.

At the same time archer should be granted a 1/4 chance of using a flame arrow thus kaboom the one guy carry the explosive jar … if these archer are using the funcom new turret system.

For the defensive side if all thrall are taken out and or you have blown up the one vault per clan … id consider the event over and all raiding damage to this base should be over and this you take all the loot you see but a destroyed isnt actually poof its just has an appearance of a damage vault and only 1/3 rd of its content is available for taking. Thus it become a successful run but also allowing defensive to rebuild and plan better on how they got raided.

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