Having a bone problem

What’s a good way to get bones I’m playing yog and I accidentally deleted my temple and it took awhile to get all those bones

Most animals give bones when harvested, use a pick. I’d recommend crocodiles, they always tend to give me plenty of bone.

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I’ve hunted most of the crocodiles to Extinction I can’t find any

Kill animals, then use a clever to get the head. Put the heads in the fluid press. Blood and bones

What’s a fluid press?


Thanks but I’m lvl 20 so I can’t use that

There is a heap of bones from the NPCs and chests in the Summoning Place (south of the sinkhole) and the surrounding camps.

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Ok thank you for helping

Kill skeletons if you can. Can’t remember which tool gives the most bones… maybe pick or axe.


I’ll test both

Yeah, like others have said; I kill Skeletons glowing or not, and I put heads and carcass in the fluid press. I also use a pick on the skeletons.

Ok will do when I get lvl 28

Definitely the press combined with killing crocs and wack it with the pick axe.

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