How can I worship yog without genocide?

I wanna praise my god yog, but i dont wanna kill every dafari on the server. Is there some fast way to get thousands of bones everyday?


Crocodiles and other animals. Try using a pick or pickaxes. Other animals also. I have never tried Yog didn’t know about the bones. Good luck. @Weihnachtsbaum.

bones? it’s cannibal god, don’t like manflesh? choose another deity

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I have a base right near a bearer spawn, so I regularly go clear out that camp and get the bearer drop. I don’t do Yog so I ended up with so many bones I just drop them whenever I get them anymore.

Even mitra will ask you to commit genocide to gain his blessing…

ah great hypocrite, I demand no human sacrifice!.. I’ll take jarred souls thank you, less messy
there is always Crom for those who can’t stomach sorcerous religions

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Bones? Just kill skeletons and harvest their, uhm, skeletons with a pick or axe.

arktara mentioned Bearers.
Look at this wiki page:

I think you get either 250 or 500 bones when you first get them from a pack.
Might be better to farm mobs, but it’s worth to kill a T2 if you see one.

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