Healing not interrupted by damage

If the animation for the bandage is interrupted, the heal is also interrupted.
If the animation for the potion is interrupted, no heal is applied.
If the animation for the potion is completed, and healing is received damage does not stop the heal
If this is intentional, its pretty cool to “pot-up” before a fight


I think it’s intentional, once you drink the potion it works, makes more sense than before.


i like this, but i find weird that once you start aplying a bandage you can not move or cancel the animation

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The inability to cancel can be a real problem and is the only thing I’ve come across so far that I think should be changed (though I’ve not yet had a chance to see how fights go against higher level mobs).

I’ve been playing on testlive for a while today and it’s really easy to think you’ve disengaged from a fight that didn’t go well, apply a bandage and then stand there unable to do anything as mobs run over and start beating on you.

I use bandages in the north since I tend to get quite a few bleeds. In your video, @Meramusa, it clearly shows the heal was interrupted and that’s good to know, TY.

Did you get a chance to determine if a bleed could be immediately stopped, regardless of incoming damage?



I am 90% sure I confirmed that. However, using the bandage means you’re stuck in the animation until it completes.

So, the cure may be worse than the disease unless you’re at the very end of a fight.

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From my tests yesterday, while you can’t cancel the bandaging animation when you want, it was cancelled when you get hit. You can also cancel it by using another emote.

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Well, at least somethings cancels it. Emotes are a bit clunky though.

@Jim1 It does innediately stop the bleed, yes. :slight_smile:

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