Health buffs not working

I have a build that puts me at 1035 health with sigils gear food and potion. But now every time I use my food and potions it will say that they’re active in stats(sometimes) and I will receive no benefits from them. I think my health actually goes down from base(too frustrated to test at time of posting) it was an issue before the patch for me because I would lose some of the buffs and my health would be all over the place anywhere from low 800s to just over 1000(not the 1035 I’m supposed to have) commonly landing in the mid 900s but at this point 739hp doesn’t let my build be as fun as it could be because it really screws with the buff from the jhil gloves. I maintain the sated/hydrated buff I have max vitality I even have the sigil that boosts the sated buff and I seem to maintain higher health with foods that have no buff to health like lasting feast. It’s just so unpredictable at this point that I don’t even want to play the game.

Edit: I’ve hopped on to my rented server to try and test things and with just the armor and vitality my health is at 780 I added the sigils and that didn’t change, I then drank an elixir of vigor and ate the mystery meat soup and the health went up to 966 I’m still not sure what all added up to the previous health pool of 1035 but I do have screenshots of being at that health along with other screenshots of being at varying health pools with the exact same build. The only thing that might have changed is how much that character was carrying at the moment.

Edit2: I’ve hopped onto the official server again and have a -24 health from items somehow. Did my character catch leprosy while I was logged off? Same build as my rented server now which was sitting at 780hp I’m now sitting at 676 without doing anything more than logging in…

Edit3: I logged onto the official server yet again and found that I actually get -120 health from using health buff items and that’s a permanent effect. I removed my bracelet and was able to get rid of them along with hours of work farming sigils because you don’t get to keep them all. Until the next patch I will not be playing as this is just dumb and a waste of my time.

Not letting this die till it’s fixed. I love that the skull exploit was a bigger issue than this, somehow.