HEAT & COLD insulated legendary shields no longer seem to work

Game mode: [Online & Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]

It appears that Heat Insulated and Cold insulated Shields are no longer working correctly?
Usually I would wear Full Heavy Armour and carry a 5 star Heat insulted shield to enter volcano and deal with heat. But now I can wear this exact outfit at the snow…something seems wrong with that.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. equip the Full Heavy Armour
  2. equip the Mistmourn Legendry shield
  3. Go to the snow

I think they intended this as armour now has both heat and cold protection.

“All clothes and armor now have two stats - Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance. Armors will (most often) give both, but be better at one of the two.”

thanks for the reply. But the insulated heat shield has one stat of 5 bars for heat protection. (meant to protect when in volcano) So if I’m carrying that sheild at the snow then I should be getting extremly could unless my armour had extreme cold resistence to compensate it. But I’m wearing heavy armour that was preiously meant for hot weather so, it doesn’t make sense that I can just wander in the snow with that combo

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Basically they removed the mechanic that makes you cold when you have heat protection, or hot with cold protection.

Now you have insulation that protects from both cold and hot… so no more switching armour with a thrall or stripping naked when leaving the north ect.

Hope that makes sense😅

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