Heavily Modded PVE server, great for the single player types that want to play online or for small groups


Looking for a good PVE modded server, this is it. If you have a job, life, just enjoy playing single player games mostly this server is for you. We have a good selection of mods and open to new ones. We’re all about community and fun, server direction picked by players. 2X XP and harvest amount. There is plenty of space on the server and still wipe open to pretty much build where you want. Come join the fun.

Discord code - Qvqu6Cf

Mod list and load order is here.

Hope to see y’all there

server IP adress is:
Server name: Salty Ol Men

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Looks good.

What about

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1210390760 LTs Farming
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138108077 LitMan Level One Fifty Six

Yea later tonight I’ll add them.

I gamed with this dude tonight, he was super chill and even showed me where some lore points/emotes were.

Very laid back server would reccomend to anyone looking to have a more relaxed building expierence.

Also Hail Crom!

we still got some slots open, pretty much open still. We’re laid back, easy going, just want to have a good time and build a nice little community to game with.

Morning, server only a day old, still have room, come join in.

Still have room, come join the fun.

Still have room, wide open to build, server only a day old

must have tried joining at a bad time. Modlist mismatch. Server finder shows ur list ending at dyemorebetter. I adjusted and found yet another mismatch. If yall have a discord that would be nice to get this sorted. Not a fan of re-attempting to join several times thanks to the outragously long load times mods cause even with an ssd. Oh well looks good though. Giving it one more shot. feel free to add me on steam. similar name just add 98 to the end of it.

Would be nice if you posted the mods order.

Howdy … looks interesting. What time zone is the server?

The discord is listed on the game, I have the admin on discord, he must have updated or changed the mod list. I will ask him to update the modlist when he logs into discord. I play in the early morning CST and/or in the late evenings cst. I have a normalish job so I’m not on 24/7.

I will ask the Admin to update the modlist and to put more information here when I get a hold of him.

I hope you all give it another shot, its been a blast the last few days

The order I have them listed is the load order, that’s the order I have them in my game too, I just triple check it, that’s it. Some of the mods we’re updated and the server hadn’t restarted. It’s all good now. And I’ll edit the main post with the discord invite code. Sorry about that.

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5XP, 1.5X harvest amount, .4 crafting time
it’s survival or street racing?

In the ■■■■ (sorry moderator :grinning: )

.5 point 5, not 5x :slight_smile:

Attention to detail. XP is at .5 not 5X

we’re about half full, still have plenty of room and open areas to build

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got a few new people today but still have a lot of room and pretty much build where you want

still got a some slots open, come join the fun, we’re not many but we got a some laid back dudes that are fun to game with

we still have just a few slots left, so come and join in. If we get more than we have available I’ll buy more slots, no big deal, plenty of space to build. Hope to see y’all there.