Heavy helmet with the least amount of coverage

Preferably strength but vitality would be ok. Which helmet covers the least amount of your face and hair? Heavy armor preferred unless there is something with worthy stats to make up for it being med or light.

Also do the bonus armor effects work on your thrall? Like the poison and bleed removal attributes of champion stuff for example?

Any takers?

They all cover your hair.

But take a look at

  • Stygian Heavy helmet
  • heavy leather helmet
  • Khitan Imperial Helmet
  • Pictish Warchief Helmet
  • Guardian Heavy Helmet

Yep. Out of medium helmets, the Vanir elk-horn headpiece shows your hair and face and is not terrible. Not optimal, but if vanity is a priority, it’s at least a solid option. Lemurian warrior mask obviously covers the upper half of your face, but is not ugly, and at least shows your hair.

And as SirDaveWolf said, Stygian heavy helmet at least shows your face completely, even though it does cover your hair.

Helmet and hair are a huge pain in most video games. Having multiple hairstyle options and multiple headgear options would mean a huge amount of work (effectively hairstyle options x headgear options) to model and animate if the headgear had to take hairstyle into account. So instead, most games go with “headgear overrides your hair”, leaving them with only headgear options + hairstyle options amount of work to do (with the exception of some headgear that can easily accommodate the hair underneath, such as top hats or tiaras and such).


In eso you have an option to hide your helmet. I don’t know if it is difficult to be done. Anyway if I can recall @Zeb had made the year that passed a wonderful topic that it was very popular too. To many players respond to the idea for new hair styles, or how beautiful would be not to loose your long hair because of the helmet. The same week Nicole upload the same topic in the question of the week. I remember this very well because Zeb learn me how to upload photos on the forum with a very smart way
“follow the cat”
It was a post that I have to follow a cat an press the buttons to achieve my goal :joy::joy::joy:. This girl was really charismatic, I really miss her presence in the forum. To be honest I wear all the time the executioners hood in white. My Bella is very beautiful with this hood.

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Just use the strength or vit earrings. Loss of some armor, but you get a better stat bonus. Armor, I believe, has diminishing returns so you may not be losing a ton of damage mitigation.

True. But the problem with the gold/silver earrings is that they have very low durability. Your earrings get destroyed very fast.

I’d go with the Vanir Settler earrings or the Lemurian circlet or that Kithian DLC headband instead. They’re all light armor with little to no AC, but at least they have significantly higher durability than the jewelry earrings.

Reinforcement kit goes a long way, imho. But I’ve rather go for looks than worry about mats.

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