Hell Dungeons pop too often

Since the balancing patch I have run as many elites as I could get an invite to, and the Hell Dungeons are coming up an absurd number of times more than any other. Last night I was with a group that did dungeon after dungeon after dungeon and we had HR and HE come up over and over again nearly ten times in a row before we saw another dungeon, and we never saw Ankh or Polaris at all.

Now, maybe this is just an artifact of the randomizer only having a small number of choices to pick from (hint, hint, add more dungeons: Facility, Slaughterhouse, Manufactury A/B…) but it feels like a bug, and it’s been happenning more and more since the patch.

The word “maybe” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there :v:

My experience with the dungeon finder is that while it is random it likes to clump aka likes to give streaks. They normally are like 3-4 dungeon runs long. Could be seeing things or just a quirk of the particular method and I am tempted to say I am seeing things.

Generally it is nothing to worry about and more often just human assumption than code reality when it comes to rng. Peculiar boxes drove me mad with a dry spell at some point, people assumed funcom tweaking with agents too and it turned out false.
It’s the human habit of trying to find pattern where there often are none.

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My personal observation is that finder has a dungeon of the day which comes up at least 3 to 4 times as often as any other, and the next day this will change. There is strong consistency here.

There’s not though :v:

This guy gets what’s up lol

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That’s what it feels like lol… But this all happened to me before the balance, so I doubt it’s changed.

I mean, it took me until 2020 to get the E10 HE achievement, and I was ip1000 in the first year of the game, proper RNG is just a lot more streaky than people expect.