Hell Fallen question

I could not get a team when I was doing that zone and now I am too high a level to do Hell Fallen on Story mode. I noticed that there is no Achievement for doing it at elite level? Does that mean it cannot be done at the elite level or is it still available so I can do it if I get lucky in the activity finder (I got Ankh and another one that way)?

Thxs in advance.

If you look at the group finder you will see a small box in the bottom right corner, which says “Private Team”. If you tick this box, you can go do Story mode on your own, or do it with others if you want. The box removes group number requirements, and also IP requirements if you are too high. Remember to select the difficulty you would like to complete it on.

As for the dungeon quest, this will still get completed even if you do the dungeon on any Elite level.

Furthermore, there are three achievements that require you to complete the dungeon on Elite 1, Elite 5, and Elite 10 difficulty.


This is a common issue for new folks as many are past that point in the game and no longer run the story mode difficulties. Their is however a private team option next to Sign Up in the Activity Finder. This will allow to to manually form a group with others and override the level restrictions. You also have the option of doing this dungeon solo with the private team box selected and with some practice story mode is very possible to do solo. Either way don’t worry about not being able to get the achievement.

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I was able to solo on story- close thing but fun. Thxs very much.

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For most dungeons, this is true. Hell Fallen, Slaughterhouse and Facility do not have elite versions though, so they have fewer achievements.

Ah, yes, my bad. I didn’t notice it was Hell Fallen.