Hello, an early impression of the situation. Will provide a proper feedback thread after investing more time into the game

I support your games but day one DLC isn’t the way to garner good will from the consumers.
The music in the game isn’t normalized, some tracks are quiet and some are loud which indicates you cobbled it up from different Conan games or other sources and they had different mix and mastering between them.
Unit responses are too frequent but at least you included an audio slider for that, and nice way dodging the bad voice acting by making them go “uhhh! Ahhhh! ehey!” i really mean it, better than having bad voice acting.
The font in the game is not consistent, at places it looks fine and where there is a longer description of a structure it is cramped up and hard to read.
No UI scaling? There are actual negative reviews about that as well.
32bit client? Why? Game loading takes the cpu to 100% making weird beeping noises which seems to indicate it becomes unresponsive and then responsive again. (i7 3770)

And my personal hope is that you stop hoping from one game to the next like you did with every single one of your titles for the past 5 years. Deliver proper support otherwise i’m done after buying every single title you released and then abandoned. I won’t hold my breath though, since you are also working on the C&C remaster. It would be a shame if i’ll have to pass on that one because of your practices.

Wish you all the best.