Hello! Let's take a look at the future


Congratulations on the new position.
Was always wonderful seeing you in the past in testlive, looking forward to what you and the team cook up next!


New Leet raid confirmed. :+1:t2:


Best of luck with everything!

Though this makes me wonder, will we get a balloon pet? WoW added a balloon, and it was literally the best thing ever, running around with a cheesy balloon floating and attached by a string, thinking to myself, “Yay! B’loon!” It genuinely made me happy to equip.


Congratulations @Nirvelle and make us dream with your work :wink:
I forgot, welcome in the hell jokes :joy:


Congratulations, Nirvelle! It’s a big job, but you’ve got a great team and lots of support from a whole lot of crazy gamers and Lovecraft fans. Nothing to worry about.


More story content. That is all I want.


New content? Hmm well…there one thing in games I will sell body parts for and its has yet to be in the game…and Housing…the end
Love you :wink:


Congratulation Nirvelle and welcome on board ! :grin:
I hope you’ll lead the Lady Margaret’s crew to its sweet deliverance, time is running out, the fog is here !


I for one welcome our new overlord

Now for the future-y new story and caches and things! and excitement :face_with_monocle::honeybee:


Grats oh Nerf’ed one! :boom::basketball:


I can safely say I was not harmed in any way … You’re welcome


Congratulations Nirvelle, one of my favorite GM’s of all times, and that’s from someone who started with Anarchy Online beta (and still there by the way).

(Uh… by the way too… keyboard playing?..)


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