Hello my name is Captain_Bonecold

C is for crazy which I am!
A is for the ■■■ that I am!
P is for the pain I will cause you!
T is too late you are already dead!
A is for the all mighty of my clan!
I is for the frozen Ice spike I’m going to ram your skull with!
N is for no ***** I give.

B is for the older brother I am!
O is for the oblivion gate you all open!
N is for no hope you have!
E is for the Evil that I am!
C is for how cold I can be!
O is for the Obligation you set on yourselves!
L is for the loud cry my enemies do before dying!
D is for the dead bodies laying at my feet!

My name is Captain Bonecold. None of ye are prepare for me! I am your greatest enemy! Sad no introduction forums.


I don’t suppose you washed up here from Atlas? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Infamous last words…

Never heard of you, never will…

As my name states, I am already dead, you can’t kill me…

My bones were colder long before you were born, the skin and flesh I wear comes from my slain enemies.

But I am no captain, people fear to tread where I tread… I walk alone, clanless, soulless, lifeless, even my shadow abandoned me…

I do not hunt those that fear me, for that fear gives me immortality…

My brother is Father Time, I have time on my side, my sister is the air that all living things breath, and when she take it away, you meet my father… Death!. And he only fears my mother… Decay…

Thanks for the introduction, welcome what we humbly like to call paradise, i’m Sure you’ll make a great plaything…

Do your parents know you’re using the computer without supervision?


If atlas you mean PS3 and my own lore. By the way what atlas you mean? Mass effect atlas. Atlas as in the gaming company? Or other?

I think they mean Atlas the game that was released on steam in EA using Ark’s engine.

My brothers and sisters are all undead. Time don’t effect me. My zombie form is physical stonger than any Lich. I am the vile plague Master. All fear me. I deflower the soul cain. I freeze mortals from my death stare. I’ll devour your body and soul. Then when your time bro comes out. I’ll bite and infect him. I went to the underworld and force hades to make me a human flesh chair. I ate hades heart the chair was off by 2 cm. My Battleship is huge. I love that it made from zombies and metal. The Frozen Thunder shoots elemental.

I am SteveKeepsDying. Many who meet me assume that I have gained this title through ritual combat and constant defeat. To those, I say NAY. I simply find my bracelet very itchy and continuously forget that I shouldn’t take it off…

My endowment is legendary as I always set my sliders to the right! For this I have earned the nicknames “Dragon Dick” and “Draggin’ Dick,” which sound very similar, but refer to girth and length respectively.

I fear no man or clan or Captain or Corpse, for I have 200 extra feat points above all of my peers and all things come easier to me as a result. I never want for feats that I do not possess, or cry for lack of skill, and I certainly never create alt accounts to keep my spam undying.

Safe travels, exiles…


My older brother has join Conan Exiles forums.

Almost 6 months of complaining that the Funcom ship is sinking, yet he’s still here… :rofl: under several aliases… too funny…

Lucky for him he wasn’t on the titanic…

I suggest that B_S and his 2 siblings get together and develop a better game…
Iike one that they are happy to play and we are happy to avoid…


I wonder which one flagged me.