It's not you. It's me

I am a boring player. I build stuff. I decorate what I build. I then build more things.

I leveled from level 15 to 60 just sitting in G8. I opened a tavern. Caught some thralls to sit in the tavern.

I maintain my clan maprooms and dancers at the obilisk so that they can’t be blocked.

I climbed the Tower if Bats once and did the Dregs. And thats about it. I think the most exciting thing I did was hit the unnamed city.

I have not done anything else. I’m not bored. I am just a boring player.

I even turned off my journey steps as to not be reminded that I have things that I could do.

I have been up North Once. The Jungle a little. The volcano once and died in lava. So I just never went back.

I trade mats for mats and live in my cave like a hermit.

I play for 4 - 6 hours and just stay in proximity to my house. Everything is dangerous. Except my house.

Conan was right! My Civilized woman is soft and all this danger goes against my Vendhyan sensibility.

I’m not complaining. I’m just not doing anything. I wonder why I am ok with that?

Even my area does not have any hostiles in it.


Sounds like you enjoy your life in the exiled lands. I don’t think that is boring. Also sounds like you’d fit perfectly in an rp server setting.


I’m just living my best life. I am sure Ill do something one day. But nothing dangerous.

Was thinking about getting Bal Sag. But it sounds stressful. Lol


This post is hilarious. Love it!
And, oh, Bal Sag is also dangerous. May want to just poke your nose in to see what’s happening.

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Damn Dangerous Bal Sag. I’ll just make more potted plants and stuff. But now that the purge meter is working I am sure Ill be attacked soon. No doubt will be dangerous scorpions or worst wolves.

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Or you might get the naked pirates. Derketo only knows what they will do to you if they get in!


Well ho ho ho and that’s a bottle of rum I don’t want in my house. I specifically put a sign out that says “Get off my lawn”.

No riff raff allowed.


I co-sign your playstyle.

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I hereby confirm that my adventures in the Exiled Lands involve obscene amounts of time optimizing the looks and functionality of my base, while straying JUST enough to gather JUST the most urgent and absolutely necessary resources to keep optimizing the looks and functionality of my base.
I do also like to take a balanced diet of meat in the morning, dried berries during the evening, and three magnificent sips off my perfectly placed well.
I’m not boring, but I like to interpret our tagline as “Survive. Build. Dominate (the laws of architecture).”
My buildings also look kind of drab, but that’s besides the point! :slight_smile:


I am definately the same
Although I don’t want domination. Or power. Or even to leave the exiled lands.

My tagline is to, Suvive, Be Safe, and Decorate!

Now that some jerks built over all of iron nodes I have to venture out.

I just don’t do it during PVP times anymore.


Out of curiosity, you play on officials?, if so, I definetly suggest you try rp servers!, you could have a lot of fun there, I’ve come across many that don’t care for bosses or super good gear, just for play and develop a character with its very own and unique personalities. And that is a lot of fun, I assure you!

I am on the official Pve-C server. Overall it is fine. I’m not sure I want to start over. Lol. I have have all of the greatest named thralls. I have accomplished a lot with doing very little.



Purge!??! That sound dangerous. Some of your flower post might get destroyed, for heavens sake. What if you lose your leavening agent pots? I would suggest you move back south across the great river where it is safe until this whole “purge” thing blows over. I mean, if you lose your leavening agent seeds you’ll have to walk all the way into the north again if you want to make honeyed wine.

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I am unsure of where you would get these seeds
I have many I trade for tar. I hate farming. As in growing things. I just sell and trade materials.

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I started in the jungle.

Probably the toughest biome to start but i like it. I made a clan with other people i met on my server. Even met a girl and dated.

I built an Empire my jungle castle Is giant and its was built loosely resembling the Getty Villa in California.

I had probably most loot that anyone ever with insane resources looted from decayed bases and my farms.

I would spend my time sorting out loot in my 300+ chests and 4 vaults categorizing thralls and every loot i had.

During Conflict hours i would go out with my clan hunt and kill people for the lols strip them naked of their junk throw it in the river and then dress them up with endgame gear cause why not ?

One day i logged in and half my base was broken from a guy using the catapult exploit, He put all my loot in vaults and chests outside my base and took him a week to move everything.

My clan kind of fell apart, everyone lost interest and quit.

I rebuilt the broken parts of my base but i am alone now with no loot to sort out and no achievements to accomplice.

Ive made some new friends down the river and i try to play some.

Whats worse is the dude that stole my stuff boasting about it constantly and looking for new methods to do the same again.

Life in the exiled lands has turned sour for me. At least i can say ive done everything in the game. Havent removed the bracelet yet tho i think ill go for that.

During Construction. The platform alone was calculated to cost 480.000 stones. The building itself no idea.

After the attack where my werehouse was :frowning:

Same side from the exploiters platform with his body on the floor and a bedroll with his name.

Heres the other side broken. I think it shows the thought and craftsmanship behind the construction. Th pillar in the middle of the room was cosmetic as the building would stand with no pillars at all.

There are plenty of things to do the game is vast and with the community the posibilities are endless you just have to get out of the house.

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I think the point I was making is that I am an exile. I have everything I need safely.

I don’t need adventure. People brought a giant crock boss to my base. I don’t care. It’s a game.

I love it! But I manage what I manage. I’d fit better on pure PVE but at least on PVE-C I can fight back. If I choose too.

You cant kill my named crafter thralls. I’ll just move somewhere else. I’ll just rebuild and decorate.

It’s more a happy medium than being bored.

An RP server would appeal to me. It seems to fit my concept of Conan. But unfortunately rebuilding is not an option.

I’d play the same build. Look slightly different, but in the end I did well. There is no challenge in starting over. There isnt any reason to replay or level again.

I’m just content with grief and also what I managed to accomplished.

I’ll win by attrition. People will get bored
Ill decorate. People will leave. I’ll decorate.

I have mastered end game.


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