Help me understand Wooden Support Struts (from the Stable DLC)

I know they can’t be placed on top of Fences from the same DLC, even though they can be placed on top of Fence Gates.
I understand that, in order for the Struts to be on top of Fences, you have to suspend them from ceilings.

What I don’t understand is why my Struts keep collapsing at every server restart. Look at this image:

I annotated the stability of those building pieces. The ceilings have enough stability to hold those struts. I also marked the stability of the fences below, even though they’re irrelevant. The numbers in red represent the stability of the Struts themselves.
The one that was supposed to have 35 stability, has collapsed 5 times in a row. No matter what voodoo I try, it never stands. Curiously enough, the Strut with less stability is able to survive the daily restarts.

Can anyone please explain to me what is the correct way to build Wooden Struts? Clearly, I must the the only one who has problems with them, because I could find no other thread addressing it.

I play on official PvE server, so there are no mods involved, and no admin menu available.

Unfortunately, this most likely isn’t specific to that DLC. I’ve had problems like that myself with all DLCs and I’ve also seen people have that kind of problem.

When the server reboots, it has to reload all the building pieces from the game database and, for some reason, it recalculates the stability when it does so. Something about that code is buggy and it’s not reproducible enough. If you build the same build in roughly the same spot on two different servers, if you get the bug on one server, you’re not guaranteed to get it on the other one. Likewise if you build it in two different spots on the same server.

What I don’t understand is why they don’t just save the stability in the game database so they don’t have to recalculate it on reboot.

At any rate, the only advice I can offer you is that if you get that bug, the only thing you can do is report it yet again and then find a way to either build differently or give that piece additional support. It sucks, but that’s the way it’s been for months on end :frowning:


Stable DLC kinda pissed me off (got it other day) And some of pieces seem like they should clearly hold objects and Don’t. -_-’

Several of them break in SP, at log out and in. (its often roof piece that connect to corner piece were I have fence under it for better window.
Repair hammer says it all good.

So far its just Stable pieces.

Side note to Arena Wall, that does a weird bend effect, and never breaks.


Stable pieces aren’t stable?
Who’d a thunk it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Most likely the reason you have not seen a thread about struts is because at least on Ps4 they have been a useless decorative pain in the butt that won’t go where you want. It is sad they look great. In real life they would contribute to the integrity of a building.

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@drachenfeles I have a question did the 5 10 15 25 increments come with this last patch? I use a repair hammer when I build and hadn’t seen those figures before. TY.

On 2 different private servers over the weekend odd numbers still show up. Both server’s have purge speed increased makes it more interesting.

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I managed to convince the right strut to not collapse, by increasing the stability of the left strut.
On the surface, this sounds reasonable, but it’s actually quite weird, since the stability of the right strut hasn’t changed at all.
Originally, the left one had 15 stability (and it didn’t collapse), and the right one had 35 (and it collapsed every day).
Now they both have 35, and the one that always had 35, no longer collapses. I don’t understand why it works, but I’m happy that it does.

On an unrelated note, my trebuchet has now collapsed for the 10th time, despite standing on foundations with 100 stability, and the repair hammer telling me that the trebuchet had 168 hours of life. It decayed after 48 hours.

The trebuchets disappearing is a reported and hopefully known bug, FYI. There are a number of threads about it, but this was the one which got an @Ignasi response.

I’m in the same boat. I do not understand in the slightest how the struts work. It’s like the game calculates them as not existing, despite visually they should definitely be there. Many a potential build have been ruined by their nonsensical nature for me.

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I think that intentionally or not they have never been load bearing. Just ornamental. @Hugo any input on this. Thank You.

Yesterday, one of my struts that had been around for over a month, suddenly collapsed without reason. I wasn’t building anything in its vicinity. It wasn’t near the other ones that always collapse.

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