Herbalists and Bearer Attacks in Sepermeru

Game mode: Single-player

Walking peacefully through Sepermeru, I am being attacked by Herbalists ( near the Seth Altar, in the south, where three standing together etc.) and the Bearer in the center.
Everyone else is peaceful.

By the way, aside of that I like the new AI in Sepermeru (difficult to lure workers out for knock out). Much more realistic. Maybe these Herbalists drank some weird potion and shared with the Bearer, so it´s somehow immersive :wink:

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This happened to me also, but I didn’t experience it with other NPC’s (not including the bandit class, of course). I used it as an opportunity to KO the bearer and drag him to the wheel. Then she went on a seemingly unprovoked murderous rampage and got herself killed.

Any custom modded NPCs will be set to aggressive with the new AI patch unless the mod author makes adjustments and updates their mod in this regards. Herbalists are part of Emberlight (mod).

Bearers on the other hand are now aggressive by default even on vanilla game.


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