Here i come again from the wonderfull 1043 server!

Hello again

Last time i was here on this forum it was at the start of this year , with the same problem , after countless and countless crys i gave up and stoped playing in the summer , now i m here again to experience the same problem .
This is at the point of being hilarious , it has become imposible to play in the evening on 1043 server , not to mention to pvp , 1020 ping is something normal now .
Before some forum warrior comes and starts to bash the keyboard i would like you to be informed that
the problem is simple ,its called G-PORTAL .
Last time the server was fixed when @Ignasi took action i wonder if something will be done now .

I do hope that me and my friends wont be forced to stop playing this (at this point unplayable ) game .

L.e : today was a glorious day , in 2 hours i was disconnected ( kicked ) 42 times because of the battleeye apparently .

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I second this report. This was an issue for several weeks before, and indeed @Ignasi got involved and helped out. Having to stay put for several hours because any input can send you straight off a cliff or into a pack of animals due to the max ping is not fun. Having the server crush is not fun either. Not sure if is related to the recent coming of some pvp-ers on the server or not, but it happens in the evening for us.


ITs been this way all day for me aswell on another EU server. first I thought it could be fixed by validating the files thru steam. but got kicked after i launched the game a second time during the day. this evning im being kicked every 7 minutes. unplayable…

1043 server here as well … lots of problems, not even maxed the player limit on the server and it is unplayable (now we constantly have like 25 ppl online) !!! I have pay’d money for this game for nothing !!! Cannot even play with more than 5 or 6 ppl online. This game is a JOKE !! All people pay’d good money to watch a loading screen … ridiculous!!!
Huge lag during night time, unannounced server restarts and long time to load after logging on (you have to wait 5 minutes to render your base and see all your stuff …and actually move around)
This really needs to be fixed asap !

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same problem @1042 with 4 ppl online :frowning:

Hy there, I play on this server for almost 1 year and I seems this issue in returning on 1043 again but this time apart from horrifying lag unexpected server restarts especially during PVP time we are getting disconnected by Battleeye … YAY.

Now seriously guys can we ever dream on decent playing on this server, last updates managed to break many things in gameplay we are encouraged to go and explorer the world bla bla bla, how the hell are we supposed to do that with all the lag, restarts and disconnects ?

I really hope that you will be able to fix this …

As a side note why you are still using G-PORTAL hosting services, this is the only provided able to host you servers? They are by far the worst SP I ever meet …

Hope we will receive good news regarding this issue.

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Hey there,

By the looks of it, this might look like foul play. Please report any infractions following the guidelines here:

If possible, try to provide any information you might consider useful for the resolution of this case.
Please be aware that a couple of days ago there was an update to BattlEye’s server IP which caused temporary connectivity disruptions, which also seems like the source of some of the problems mentioned in the thread. This should be fixed by now.

Thanks in advance.

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Seriously start taking the monitoring of your game a little bit more serious…

If someone is DDOS’ing or making crap inside their own base that crashes the server or whatever, do you think I’m gonna get a video of it?

Or maybe just get some intern or whatever to play “semi-admin”… Like have ghost mode and tools to monitor a reported server and then relay the info they collect to the real employees. I bet you could get 100 players to do it if you asked.

Brother, I’m experiencing the same problem on the official ps4 3744 server
is locking a lot
I sent several messages to funcom, and I was not answered in any
I already have a week without playing

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