Here to day gone tomorrow

Game mode: Online
Problem: Vanishing items
Region: dessert

I build fish/crab traps and half if not all disappear when i log in next day. and laying down those spikes is always an issue.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Since it says you’re experiencing it while playing online, there is a chance that other players are destroying your traps when you log off.

As for the spikes, they do seem to have very touchy placement, especially in the desert, and I find the Simple Palisade is easier to place than the Palisade Wall.

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I suspect that the items have decayed and despawned.

Check the event log when you are close to where they were to see if this is the case.

Items like fish traps have a short decay time when placed unless they are close to a larger structure with a higher decay time and the traps are recognised by the game as part of the larger structure.
It is always a good idea to check the decay time on anything you place with a repair hammer.
I usually build a small hut near the water with roof and door when I put out fish traps. I check with a repair hammer that the building has reached the maximum decay time possible and that the fishtraps have picked up the maximum decay time of the building by being close enough.
(I’ve had to rescue my clan-mates fishtraps several times because he wouldn’t do this)


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