Here's a suggestion For the developers - How about stopping Clan Spamming

Recently I lost my base and all my stuff to a clan spammer - someone who continually spammed clan join requests on me until I clicked accept then he kicked me from the clan and I could not access my stuff anymore… when are the developers going to stop this from happening . It could be done easily by a 30 minute delay on asking people to join your clan after being rejected the first time. This flaw in the game has really given me a negative feeling to playing online with others, coupled with toxic alpha clans on pvp, the pvp servers needs serious changes otherwise you will lose players and the game will die.


Create your own 1 person clan and this cannot happen.

But otherwise agree.

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Yes I do this but some servers alphas don’t like other clans on their patch as it where and will be try to wipe you as soon as you start a clan. Single players they don’t mind so much.

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