Warning notice before joining a clan

On PS4 I had lost everything I owned because a clan spam invited me and I had accidentally joined the clan while trying to emote back (couldn’t chat by text/voice) to politely decline. At the time I didn’t think it was a big deal and left the clan. To my surprised I was stuck inside what was formerly my home, and thralls stranger to me. Needless to say, it was a crushing experience, though on the upside I only spent a week on that server and led me to purchase a PC version of the game (much better experience). Afterwards I uninstalled the game immediately and decided to focus on a new game I had pre-ordered prior to Conan Exiles that I was introduced to by the way of PS Plus. But I couldn’t stay away, so I bought a PC version and when I did I created my own clan to prevent the same thing from happening again.

To prevent what happened to me and I’m sure many others from happening again, I suggest that there be a short warning, separate from Accept/Decline screen, that allows the user to know exactly what will happen should he or she accepts the clan invitation. Only when the user gets past the warning screen would the user be able to Accept or Decline the clan invitation.

I have a feeling this came up before and if it did, this would just be a reminder.


I was unaware this could happen. Thank you for the heads up! I agree there should be a warning.

Why not make so that to join a clan, we would need to make it official thorough a letter? This way they can spam us all they want and still get nothing unless we bring them a letter of association. Of course the leader needs to bring it to us first and we then sign it. Then they return to their base and going near any of their stations will seal the deal.

Old trick for pvp… u emote and then immediatelly send clan invite… solution is simple… create a clan of urself… if u already in a clan they cannot send invite at all…

Not an old trick for new players. I’m just glad I learned of it before I invested too much on that server. They didn’t really gain much looking back. 4x T4 bearers, 4 T4 Armorsmiths, of which only one was a good one (Heavyhands) and easy to obtain anyway, 1x T4 Taskmaster and 1x T4 Blacksmith (not Berri). I had no steel and not much loot overall since I was there for only a week and I have a full time job with wife.

True… old trick in general, not for new players… now u know how to avoid it also…:wink:

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