Clans and getting spammed

Hello I have recently had two players spamming me to join there clan on the official server 3053 which is in the European section. They spammed me that much it caused me to freeze and it made me accept they kicked me with in 10 seconds and stole all my hard work I am level 60 and surely they should be some way of stopping people doing this to people??

Yes, the way is to create a clan as soon as you create your character even if you remain the only person in it.

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Just like @Narelle points out, the best way to protect yourself from those kinds of ‘spam thieves’ is to create a clan for yourself even if you’re the only person it your clan.

And if you don’t know people, it might be better to invite them into your clan rather than join their clan because you, as the clan leader, would still control who’s in and who’s out. If they turn out to be ‘bad’ people, you can kick them out without losing all your bases, gear, and resources.

The best time to join a clan of strangers is when you are just starting out and have nothing. That way, if they turn out to be bad, and they kick you out right away, you haven’t lost anything (but learned what kind of people - specifically, who, the ‘bad ones are’ - are on that server).

Yes create your own clan even if your the only one in it

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