Hero based scenario missions

I’m a big Robert E Howard, Conan fanboy. It’s one of my favorite things, and I am particularly critical of the Conan games, because I want them to be successful. I want them to be good and of quality,

I have a couple ideas that will help. Generate additional Revenue, and bring up the potential player population of unconquered.

Create a scenario based mission for the heroes. the same way that it is done and implemented in the Starcraft missions.

That way you’re able to further flush out your DLCs and monetize existing content and utilize existing iP,s

The hero base scenario is where you just take your hero, and you currently have three of them in the game. And you used the campaign map. To tell a story that it currently exists in The Lure of the Conan world.

This would also give you the opportunity to bring more Heroes that exist in the Conan lore. In the form of playable characters, you can even bring some of the evil characters. And fight Conan and it’s scenario-based mission

So for example it could be like slay a dragon, and you have to obtain certain items and fight mini-bosses along the way. And also free your soldiers from the slave traders in order to slay the Dragon.

You should also sell these Heroes individual DLCs as hero packs. With small scenario-based missions like five of them. This would have helped a lot with monetization and speed up development, and allow for the hiring of new personnel

But these little scenarios are all based off of the Conan lore. Just Wikipedia the stories, and pull out little scenarios. And then once you get a couple of them put them out in a DLC. I will gladly pay for this type of content.

Hello @BrokenFang, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and ideas with us, we’ll be sure to forward these to the developers for further consideration!

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Are the developers pretty open to suggestions? And do they have an active presence on the form, or do I need to go to a different location to recommend these types of suggestions?

We relay all sorts of feedback and issues to them, so feel free to share those here in the forums!