Hey funcom >>>wake up!

Can you see all the people saying they nare having connection issues??? Can we address this or at least acknolege it??? I have not been able to connect for more than 5 min to official server 1808 in 2 days…I thought it was a problem on my end but others on my server have the same issue…can YOU please look into this???

I think their whole crew is out on vacation. The best we can do is report the servers that we are having difficulty with.

Unless @Ignasi can share any feedback about it.


Hey @chrisepowers

We usually prefer well-articulated and constructive feedback in order to proceed finding a solution for it. There is nothing to acknowledge at the moment, as most of these issues seem to be isolated. When there is outages in certain nodes and we’re notified about it, we acknowledge and inform about it.
In this particular case, server 1808 seems to be working normally, with some players in it at the moment. Should there be any problem with it, please use the link provided by @Cauthey or send us your feedback in the appropriate section following the advice in this other thread: