HI FUNCOM people, need Tech help with my (CE) new garrison gunsmith bench

Game mode: Single-player online across FUNCOM services
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: online across FUNCOM services
Region: Buenos aires, Argentina
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

I did a Garrison gunsmith bench (in my CE from MS-Store) My last DLC was People of the dragons. I think it included patch 2.6. I had bought the first CE by 27 September.

Knowing the issues with the MS-Store updates, I had bought the same CE via STEAM. Including the sames DLC’s Siptah island, Derketos and People of the dragons.

Had some issues with result 0cx000007b at start, and I solved it tracing the start instances of CE. with Procmonitor.


Once the error was gone, I started the new CE (lands exiles) and changed the User ID db’s with my MS-Store version. Following this post


So, my new CE (Steam version) had mantained all the items with no problems. But the mentioned bench still showing a few items.
That mean, I think, the issue reside in some place inside the db’s.
I have two improved gunsmith bench (banco de armero mejorado) with a lot of items about armors, in use too. I mean is not a recipes issue.

No Mods.

Steps to Reproduce:

1.- I destroyed the bench, restarted the game and create a new one, with the same results;

Only can see: the first 13 items for dancers Cimmerian and Derketo.
Two shields (metal celestial) and the full set of Heavy Vanir armors.

2.- Ran the dbcheck showed by Steam and all looks ok.

What need to do to fix and have all the items in that bench?
(My game at level 60).

Thx in advance,

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Garrisons only show epic items lvl 60. Do you have the epic feats unlocked? If you want lower tier items (non-epics), you need a lower tier bench.


Hi, a question…

You mean, the dancers items plus two metal celestial shields, the heavy set vanir. And only epics?? Not any items to construct armors, example: leather blanket light medium heavy or so, with few iron, steel resources, than the improved benches?

No I have not unlocked any epics yet, and have lvl 60. But wasted all my dotes (dont know the term in english) resources.


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Dots=Feat Points and yes, you only see the perfected version which you unlock with the level 60 feat. For the lower tier, you will need an Improved Armorer’s Bench if you want to some material reduction. Improved bench is worse than Garrison in terms of costs but it has all recipes.

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Ok ty for Feat points, sorry but Im still confused.

I watched many videos and despite about epics, the basic materials following the same example: leather blanket light medium heavy or so, are visibles in all models of benches. It sound logic to gain better (lower) resources consumption.
Looks strange if I need to use one bech to do a leather blancket and the garrison for only armors.

We are talking about Land exiles or Siptah DLC?? I never used Siptah yet, just a few moments to see the graphics quality.

This changes were applied from patch 2.6?
(I play this game since october 2021 and reach lvl 60 by December or so)
Thax in advance,

Before the big crafting update (2.3 I think) there used to be two armorers benches -
In the basic armorers bench you could make basic light, medium and heavy padding (blanket), and all the basic armors only
In the Improved Armorers Bench you can make those and also can make ‘perfected’ light, medium and heavy padding and all the basic and all the epic armors. (Perfected padding (blanket) is not the same as basic padding - all Epic armor requires perfected padding, all basic armor requires basic padding).

When they added the new benches, they kept the basic and Improved bench as they were before and added the Garrison (and Campaign) bench. In this bench you can make Perfected padding (needed for all Epic armor) and Epic armor - but you cannot make basic padding or basic armor.

This does mean that you cannot reduce the resource cost more for basic padding and armor - but by the time you are high enough level to make the bench, basic padding and armor are very cheap anyway - it is for the perfected padding and epic armor that the cost reduction really matters.

It does seem a bit strange, but my best guess would be that it is to keep the crafting menu inside the bench smaller. A lot of players complain that they cannot find anything in the full list - and it is much harder for console players to search through it - so not including the basic padding and basic armors means the list is only half as long.

I hope that helps to make a bit more sense :slight_smile:


Good explanation, Ty.

This peculiar way is not followed in the Garrison or Campaing with Weaponry benches (yet). But is true the armors benchess have lot of items inside.
The more actualized video I watched was by June 2021, and there the Garrison showed all the items includeds in Improve bench.

Well Im learning about CE.

Again thx for replies and suggestions.

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it may seem in the video you saw that it displays the same items

but maybe in fact the person making the video has all epics receipes unlocked and therefore the perfected paddings and same armors that would show in another bench but in epic version for the armors and perfected for the paddings.

Because indeed the paddings for the armors ( light medium and heavy ) aren’t the same for normal versions of armors and epic versions of armors and only show when the epic armors are unlocked

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May be, the patches instaleds, but Im sure the paddisgs have the same look , in fact dont know how look a epic padding yet xd

Yep they indeed are very similar except epics are often bordered with a little purple , that isn’t very visible at first sight :wink:

Well now I have a clear idea about the perfects items.

I borrowed 13 ‘feat points’ like an exceptional emergency and yes looks more or less the same items but perfects!
A mix of both have not sense.


There’s still some non epic gear on Garrison Armor Bench, but I’m not sure why it’s there… Maybe needed for making something else…?

Just the usual sloppiness we all know from Funcom.

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In my game I can see the Derketos & Cimmerian dancers items plus two shields and the Vanir heavy armor set. But can’t do there the non perfects paddings.

In my Improveds armors benches hehe can see all the items mixeds. We can’t gain advantages from resources comsuptions there.


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