Hi, theres something bad happened

sry, i dont know if its suitable to post this topic here. I play in a pve server of EU, my problem is below:
1.two ppl claimed one spot for building their base.
2.‘A’ began to drop fundations around the ‘B’'s base.
3.‘B’ did the same to ‘A’.
3.they quarreled and at last ‘A’ was kicked out from clan by his leader.‘A’'s fundations ware demolished.
4.‘B’ started to drop fundations everywhere, even beside the inocent players’s base to surround their base.
5.the server become worse and worse, but ‘B’ will not stop.

question:in this case , what can we do to ‘B’ to stop him destroying the game world and making it unplayable?

Best advice is wait the storm out. B will get bored eventually. secure a way out of your base so that you cant be walled off and dont mind B. Alternatively, fight fire with fire.

ok, thx very much, is there offical way available anyway?


ah,okay. so we are on our own. T.T hope that player chill out quickly

Why I feel sandstorms should damage sandstone…

emmm, you mean they will pay more for droping a lot of T3 fundations.

if you are playing on a private server you can report the player to the admins. if on official, you are on your own unless player B starts crashing the server or walls off major areas such as the starting zone.

yeah, he said he will block all, no one can play = = he said he is tired, he will listen to no body.

when he does, collect evidence and report him as described in the thread. meanwhile secure a way out of your base :slight_smile:

ok, tyvm for all your advice.

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