Hiding building ownership?

I’ve seen people build torches, houses, and shrines BUT when looked at with a repair hammer it doesn’t show anyone’s clan or name. My official Siptah server is having issues with a clan blocking entire Leyshrines and player bases. He’s starting to build close to my base so I wanna buold out and save my base AND give him a taste of his own medicine withiut him knowing who’s placing them down and have him hunt me down

The only time I those happen the legit way are where the solo no clan player have log out for awhile.

Only legit way to do it would be to act like Odysseus with the Cyclops.

Can you just press spacebar when typing in your clan title?

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If they block all the shrines , make a report :v:t2:


Even if a player on this forum did know an exploit to hide their clan name on their building in game I can’t imagine they would openly share them on the forum for the game, and if they did it would probably result in even more people using it

Sigh, there’s a non exploit, perfectly legitimate way to conceal one’s clan name or name from view. Answer provided in earlier post.

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