High Priests and Ballyhoo

Hands up all non Admins who have high priests for all the Altars! Since Conan began there has never been a Yamir high priest? They have now given us the Derketo religion, Has anyone seen a Priest! I’m told they can only be found during a Purge ( like that makes total sense) and with the Purge being broken… Never gonna happen! Have these issues been adressed?.. No! but hey there’s going to be a shiney new religion to convert Animals to pets All praise the Devs

A reddit discussion points out that you may want an archprist instead: https://www.reddit.com/r/ConanExiles/comments/8l06wi/ymir_priest_location/#thing_t1_dzbuqkt

The Purge issues are being tinkered with, as stated in an earlier dev stream.

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