Historic version of conan

I know this might sound dumb but I want a game similar to Conan with the same play style but with only historical aspects and realistic warfare rather than the lore of Conan the barbarian

I know Conan has a lot of aspects based of historical armors and such but it still just doesn’t feel right especially with all the magic aspects of Conan

Do you guys think funcom could pull off such a game and would you be interested in playing it?

They could but how would this be any different than Chivalry? Unless you are talking about the building and/or raiding aspects of it all which then the game would probably fall on its face as sieging castles would be a true endeavor on both sides that most players would balk at.

You might like the Age of Calamitous mod

I’ve wanted a similar but historically accurate game for a while. I got the basics worked out in my head but actually making it would be beyond me.

Depends. I’d love a historical survival game set in the early 1500s Central America. A Spanish survivor of a shipwreck needs to find shelter, survive encounters with natives, find other Spanish adventurers and together build colonies, fight off angry local wildlife, etc. Eventually make contact with more established colonies, such as Havana, to trade gold and treasures for supplies, weapons etc.

I’m thinking something like the story of Gerónimo de Aguilar, who shipwrecked on the Yucatan coast and spent over seven years as a slave for the Mayas, learned the local customs and language, and was later rescued by none other than Hernan Cortés who hired him as an interpreter for his Mexican expedition/conquest. Or Aguilar’s less well-known comrade Gonzalo Guerrero, who “went native” and actually rejected Cortes’s offer to join his party, married a Maya woman, becoming a full member of the local tribe and apparently fighting alongside his new family against the Spanish invaders.

It’s a really interesting, brutal and dramatic era and setting that would, in my opinion, make a good survival game.

(All that said, I really, really like Conan.)

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